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Committee Projects

Our subcommittee activity is designed to create high-quality product offerings that serve as essential resources to M&A professionals including the following projects: (i) Annual Deal Point Studies, (analyze broad sample of transactions and publish studies with critical statistical information); (ii) Annual Published Studies (additional analysis of 2004 Deal Points Study, public/public acquisitions, private/private acquisitions, international transactions); (iii) M&A Market Check Message Board (post questions, canvass the market, etc.); (iv) Dealmaker's Chat Room (observe/participate in live mock negotiations of critical provisions of acquisition agreement, discuss judicial and regulatory developments that impact deal-making, etc., with edited transcripts to provide publication opportunities); (v) Local Counsel 911 for M&A Lawyers (online resource with state-law issue comparison applicable to M&A deals as a "first resort resource" for structuring and executing multi-jurisdictional deals). Deal Points Studies (Available only to members of the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee - Click here to join - No additional charge for current ABA Section of Business Law members.)

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Source Documents The M&A Market Trends Subcommittee is also making available to Committee members the full text of the acquisition agreements that were reviewed in producing the 2007and 2009 Deal Points Studies. The documents have been posted to the Committee's extranet site. You may access those documents by clicking here. Your user name will be "abauser" and your password will be "deallawyer". Help using the Negotiated Acquisitions Committee extranet site can be obtained by e-mailing

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    Sub-Committee Chair:  Hal J Leibowitz

    Sub-Committee Vice-Chair:  Craig Menden

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    Meeting Materials

    Change of Recommendation Developments
    Thomson Reuters Market Trends (for Spring meeting -- Las Vegas)
    Termination Fee Triggers (excerpts from Public Company Merger Agreement)
    The Professional Shareholder Representative (SRS)
    Houlihan-Lokey 2011 Market Review
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