American Bar Association
Center for Professional Responsibility: Policy Implementation Committee

Center for Professional Responsibility:
Policy Implementation Committee

Who We Are

The CPR Policy Implementation Committee focuses on implementation of recent changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (including Ethics 2000 and the Corporate Responsibility Task Force), the policies of the Multijurisdictional Practice Commission and the Model Code of Judicial Conduct as revised in February 2007.

Mission Statement FY10-11

A. Composition. The Center for Professional Responsibility Policy Implementation Committee consists of ten members appointed by the Chair of the Center of Professional Responsibility Coordinating Council.

B. Purpose. The Policy Implementation Committee shall:

1. Promote to the highest court of appellate jurisdiction in each state and territory of the United States, and to the federal courts, as appropriate, the following policies of the American Bar Association House of Delegates:

(a) ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct;

(b) Policies of the ABA Commission on Multijurisdictional Practice;

(c) ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct;

(d) ABA Model Court Rule on Insurance Disclosure;

(e) ABA Model Court Rule on Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster;

(f) ABA Model Rules for Client Trust Account Records; and

(f) Other Association policies concerning professionalism and professional responsibility as approved by the Chair of the Center for Professional Responsibility Coordinating Council.

2. Offer resources, technical assistance and consultation to state and federal courts, bar associations and regulatory agencies engaged in the implementation and interpretation of Association policies in the field of professionalism and professional responsibility.

C. Personal Views of Members. A Committee member who, when making a public statement, permits himself or herself to be identified as having an official connection with the Association or the Committee shall, if the policy of the Association on the subject matter of the statement has been determined by the House of Delegates, fairly state that policy and, if expressing a view at variance with it, clearly identify the variance as the member?s personal views only. If there has not been, or the member has no knowledge of, any such policy determination, the member shall nevertheless identify the statement as personal views.



Crothers, Daniel
Goldsmith, Kenneth
Gray, Cynthia
Greenstein, Marla
Lynk, Myles
Moeser, Erica
Mundheim, Robert
Pirraglia, Robert
Rosenblum, Ellen
Rosner, Seth
Tuft, Mark
Wright, Melvin

Implementation Initiatives

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