American Bar Association
Criminal Justice Section: Juvenile Justice Committee

Criminal Justice Section:
Juvenile Justice Committee


1. Contributing to the Litigation Section Children's Rights Committee drafting of Model Expungement Act

2. Proposing ABA policy on Juvenile Justice Appeals; foster development of policy in

3. Promotion of IJA-ABA Standards for Juvenile Justice

and other ongoing ABA youth-related efforts

4. Juvenile Life Without Parole:

a) Continuing monitoring state implementation of Miller v. Alabama

b) Collaborating with Criminal Justice Section Corrections Committee

5. Contributing to juvenile-focused programs for the Fall 2013 Criminal Justice Section in Washington, D.C.

6. Collaborative CLE/program planning on Victimization for Spring 2014 in Washington D.C.

7. Collaborative CLE/program involvement at the Annual Meeting in Boston, MA

8. Collaborating with other co-sponsoring committees to address the problem of implicit bias including collaboration with the "Achieving an Impartial Jury: Removing Bias in Voir Dire and Deliberations" project

9. Reviewing criteria for committee awards / developing subcommittees

10. Examining potential for a juvenile justice component to be promoted for civics education programs

11. Promoting juvenile/youth focused articles for Criminal Justice Magazine

12. Meeting at least three times per year

About The Committee

Develops CLE programs for juvenile justice practitioners, develops policies to further national juvenile justice reform, and coordinates selection of the Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award.

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Co-Chairs:  Terence Brennen, Jill-Ellyn Straus

Committee Roster (128 total members)

The State of Juvenile Justice

The State of Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice (2013)
The State of Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice (2012)
The State of Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice (2011)
The State of Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice (2010)
The State of Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice (2019)

ABA Policy on Juvenile Justice

ABA Policies on the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

  1. 101A: Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Resolution and Report, approved 2009 ABA Midyear Meeting
  2. Juvenile Justice Standards on Records and Information Systems, approved 1979 ABA House of Delegates



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