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Criminal Justice Section: Racial & Ethnic Justice & Diversity

Criminal Justice Section:
Racial & Ethnic Justice & Diversity

About The Committee

The goals of the committee are as follows:

  • Continue the development of a diversity action plan for the section.

  • Work with Catherine Beane & Criminal Justice Solutions Project to develop resources to assist jurisdictions with the creation and implementation of Racial Justice Tasks Forces.

  • Continue work with Catherine Beane on development of Cultural Competency Curriculum.

  • Support ongoing initiatives and pending legislation aimed at assisting prosecutors in the regulation of the transparency and accountability of their offices.

    • The Prosecution and Racial Justice Program (Vera Institute)

    • The Justice Integrity Act


  • To encourage the retention and promotion of culturally diverse lawyers in the Criminal Justice System through the development and implementation of a two tier mentorship program. Tier one would be to recruit and develop junior level section members and practitioners to serve as mentors for new section members and entry-level practitioners. Tier two would be to recruit senior and management level section members and practitioners to serve as mentors for junior level practitioners.

  • Continue support of the Racial Justice Improvement Project. The project has selected Task Forces made up of the local courts, district attorney offices, police departments, public defender offices, and not-for-profit (501–c-3) organizations active in criminal justice in Wilmington, Delaware; St. Louis County, Minnesota; Brooklyn, New York; and New Orleans, Louisiana; to receive financial support and technical assistance to implement a local racial justice improvement task force focused on addressing community problems that contribute to the racially disparate impact of the criminal justice system.

  • Continue work with adapting the curriculum “Building Community Trust: Improving Cross-Cultural Communication in the Criminal Justice System” for local jurisdictional needs as regards the differing stakeholders, disseminating the curriculum and providing technical “train the trainers” support. Will also continue to solicit feedback and investigate methods to strengthen the curriculum and training models. Finally, will look to train those identified audiences that the Racial Justice Improvement Projects task forces may deem necessary.

  • A new committee initiative, in keeping with our expanded role will be to develop an education and recruitment program to actively recruit minority law students into the criminal justice system as advocates and practitioners.

Books From Our Committee

The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Fraud: The Beat Goes On (AUDIO CD-ROM)
The publicity involving the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act ("ACA") was primarily focused on the "... more

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Co-Chairs:  Jose J Arrojo, Nicole Austin-Hillery

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April 30, 2014
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Stakeholders Working Together To Fight Child Abuse And Exploitation
May 2, 2014

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May 2, 2014
American Bar Association
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Racil Justice Improvement Project
The Building Community Trust Model Curriculum and Instruction Manual
Criminal Justice Section Works for Racial Justice

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