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Criminal Justice Section: Women In Criminal Justice Committee

Criminal Justice Section:
Women In Criminal Justice Committee

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Explores issues of concern to women attorneys (defense, prosecution, etc.), judges, other allied to the criminal justice field, and the needs of women as victims, witnesses and defendants. Promotes networking and career opportunities for women.


1. Increase the number of lawyers participating in the work of the


2. Conduct regular meetings (in-person and telephonic) to keep members informed

and interested.

3. Work with the other committees in the Criminal Justice Section and in other Section and Divisions to develop resolutions in this area.

4. Submit articles and practice tips to CJS Magazine, The State of

Criminal Justice and other Section publications.

5. Develop and support CLE programs during the year.

6. Foster a closer working relationship with the National Conference of Women's Bar Associations and other groups outside the ABA who are working on women's issues.

7. Respond to requests to evaluate resolutions and formulate our own resolutions pertinent to our issues.

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    Gallagher, Eileen
    Weaver, Pauline

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