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Lawyer As Problem Solver Advisory Committee

Lawyer As Problem Solver Advisory Committee

Message From The Chair

The Committee is resposible for the Annual Lawyer as Problem Solver Award and the Lawyer as Problem Solver Exercises. For more information about the Award please read below. For more information about the Lawyer as Problem Solver Exercises, please see the call for exercises posted below in the "Resources" section or go to the LAPS Exercises page: LAPS Exercises.



The Lawyer as Problem Solver Award recognizes individuals and organizations that use their problem-solving skills to forge creative solutions. An award is given to an individual member of the legal profession and/or institution who has exhibited extraordinary skill in either promoting the concept of the lawyer as problem-solver or resolving individual, institutional, community, state, national, or international problems.

Recipients will be acknowledged for their use or promotion of collaboration, negotiation, mediation, counseling, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to help parties resolve a problem in a creative and novel way. The lawyer as problem solver, in both orientation and skills, demonstrates:

? the ability to analyze situations or to consider expert analysis from a multi disciplinary perspective, taking into account the broad array of client or party interests and the multitude of factors and circumstances that impact the "problem" presented;

? the ability to translate positions into interests;

? the ability to generate and assess--and to help the client or parties involved generate and assess-- both conventional and novel options to address the problem; and

? the ability to build consensus around an option which best addresses the goals and interests of a client or the involved participants.

See Nomination Form on the right side of this page for more information.

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We are the Lawyer As Problem Solver Advisory Committee committee.

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