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The Mediation Committee of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution strives to serve as a resource for practitioners, the public, and students of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with an emphasis of mediation. Though diverse and under a large umbrella, mediation serves the interests of stake-holders unlike any other dispute resolution mechanism as it focuses on understanding, collaboration, and self-determination. Our goal is to promote mediation education, enhance the public's understanding of mediation, improve mediator and mediation advocate skills, and increase opportunities for mediation's benefits to be realized. We hope you will join us, and share your thoughts, experiences and insights.

Committee Updates


The leaders of the Section of Dispute Resolution and the Mediation Committee are requesting that you consider assuming an active role in the promotion of ABA Mediation Week this year by joining the Mediation Week Sub-committee as a regional contact person to help promote and organize ABA Mediation Week events or activity. As you know, In 2011, the ABA declared the third week of October, “ABA Mediation Week”. During ABA Mediation Week, programs and activities designed to educate lawyers, parties, the judiciary, public officials and the general public about mediation, and to promote the use of mediation are held throughout the world. Last year over 100 events were held by state and local bar associations, graduate and law schools, ADR providers and international organizations, including educational programs, symposiums, panel discussions, receptions, luncheons, brown bags, ADR literature distribution, media campaigns, proclamations and outreach to public officials and schools.

This year, Mediation Week will be October 16th through October 22nd.

Your duties as a regional contact would be to communicate with state and local bar associations, Section members, and other ADR organizations in your region. In the past, this was handled by a single person with the support of the committee. Since the participation in Mediation Week has grown every year, we are looking to enlist at least five regional contacts to help distribute the efforts. The Sub-committee meets on a regular basis to report on the status of the outreach and to brainstorm ideas. The work is most intense in the weeks leading up to Mediation Week, but is very rewarding.

If you are interested in getting involved, or for further information, please send me an email at or call 202.662.1689.

You can also call into our regular meeting which is held every other Tuesday at 3:00 P.M. Eastern time. The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 9th and is scheduled for 30 minutes.

Domestic all in number: 866.646.6488 Standard International Dial-in: 707.287.9583 Conference Code: 436 059 8113

NEW! The Mediation Committee Announces FREE Monthly Reflective Practitioner Group Call-Ins The Third Wednesday of every month beginning Wednesday, June 15th

So much of what we do as mediators consists of being attuned to other participants, parties and counsel. We don’t always pay enough attention – either in the moment or afterward – to our own experience of mediation. That can leave us feeling unsure of the impact we have had, for good or for ill, and uneasy about whether we have used our skills effectively. Reflective practitioner groups give mediators an opportunity to reflect on their practice and discuss specific concerns (if desired) in the company of insightful and supportive colleagues. Joining a reflective practitioner group call does not require participants to divulge their identity, and confidentiality is presumed. Could you benefit from a call with fellow mediators to talk about some of the intricacies of your practice—and hear others do the same? If so, do join us!

The next call is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st at 3:00 p.m. EST and the toll-free dial-in information is:

(866) 646-6488 (Domestic)

(707) 287-9583 (International)

Conference Code: 2360398078

Our goal is to make these monthly calls a key membership benefit. Call in and help us make it so!


On behalf of Co-Chairs, Ava Abramowitz and Richard Lord, the Mediation Committee invites you to "Link-In" with the Committee on our NEW LinkedIn Mediation Committee page.*

To do so, join LinkedIn if you have not already, then simply login to your LinkedIn account and search for, “ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Mediation Committee,” and join. Or, if you already have an account, click here:

Highlights of the Mediation Committee LinkedIn page include:

· A place to keep abreast of recent activities of the Mediation Committee;

· An opportunity to connect with practitioners and thought leaders of our field;

· A place to start and contribute to discussions of mediation topics of interest to you.

All of this and much more is available at the Mediation Committee’s LinkedIn page. Once again, to join with an existing LinkedIn account simply click here:

We look forward to “Linking” with you soon!

*Many have joined a dated LinkedIn Mediation Committee group and with administrative changes we have launched the new group, “ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Mediation Committee.” Unfortunately, you aren’t automatically a part of the NEW group if a member of the prior one. So please join and help make it a dynamic platform for us and for you!

Opportunities for Involvement

Do you want to shape the future of mediation? How about learn how to become a better mediator? Would you like to enhance your skills as an advocate in the process? Do you have experience and ideas to help those who share an interest in or a career dedicated to mediation? Is mediation not your core focus, but an adjunct to how you serve others? Have you written about or spoken on mediation? Would you like to promote knowledge and acceptance of mediation and increase utilization of it? If you answer "yes" to any of the above, we hope you will consider joining our committee. Once you are a member, your active involvement is invited. We also actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other committees within the Section. Whether you are seasoned or consider yourself a beginner, we can benefit from your involvement. Opportunities for involvement include, but are not limited to: Mediation Week support; member education via monthly teleconferences and webinars; mediator evaluation; developing international cultural competence; production of the October edition of "Just Resolutions" eNews; a joint edition of "Just Resolutions" with the Ethics Committee; mediation advocacy skills education; an examination of ADR session safety; and a review of current ABA mediation guides.


As a member of the Mediation Committee, you are encouraged to participate in monthly teleconferences which are intended to serve as a means for our membership to stay connected, find opportunities for engagement in committee activities and learn from one another. Meeting notices are provided primarily through the committee listserv. To receive notices, make sure your member profile preferences allow committee and Section communications. Some committee meetings serve as educational opportunities. Past topics have included: the no-caucus approach to mediation; and ADR session safety.

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Abramowitz, Ava
Lord, Richard

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Programs, Meetings and Events

Section Events

    Before the Arbitration: Sources of Authority, Role of the Arbitrator, and Disclosure


    Program Description : Arbitrations are supposed to resolve conflicts, not create them! But further disputes can arise quickly unless key steps are taken in advance. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the whole arbitration process, with special attention to ...

    First Offers and Counteroffers: Striving for a Solid Start


    Program Description : This webinar will explore why the initial demand or offer can be of profound significance when pursuing resolution through the distributive bargaining process. Among the topics to be discussed: 1) Who goes first? Which party starts the distributive ...

    Drafting Arbitration Clauses to Ease Preparing for the Hearing


    Program Description : This panel is comprised of an advocate, former judge, and former in-house counsel who will explore how a pre dispute clause can be constructed to make the dispute resolution process and the management of the hearing more efficient. The dispute resolution clause can be ...

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