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Standing Committee on Pro Bono

Standing Committee on Pro Bono

Mission and Goals

The Pro Bono committee works to persuade mediators, arbitrators and others to do pro bono dispute resolution work and to work with legal services and state bar and national pro bono offices to set up such programs and policies.


  • In February 2003 the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution adopted the following resolution:

    The American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution urges each mediator, arbitrator or other neutral to devote at least 50 hours annually to providing pro bono ADR services; attorneys who are not neutrals to devote a portion of their pro bono services to assisting needy litigants involved in ADR proceedings; and bar associations to credit such pro bono activities toward an attorney's mandatory or aspirational pro bono requirements.
  • Goals

    The goals for the pro bono committee are (1) to implement and follow-thru with the mini-grants that were awarded in May and (2) to assist with the expansion and improvement of pro bono ADR programs through outreach and educational programs.

    More About Us

    We are the Standing Committee on Pro Bono committee.

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        Before the Arbitration: Sources of Authority, Role of the Arbitrator, and Disclosure


        Program Description : Arbitrations are supposed to resolve conflicts, not create them! But further disputes can arise quickly unless key steps are taken in advance. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the whole arbitration process, with special attention to ...

        First Offers and Counteroffers: Striving for a Solid Start


        Program Description : This webinar will explore why the initial demand or offer can be of profound significance when pursuing resolution through the distributive bargaining process. Among the topics to be discussed: 1) Who goes first? Which party starts the distributive ...

        Drafting Arbitration Clauses to Ease Preparing for the Hearing


        Program Description : This panel is comprised of an advocate, former judge, and former in-house counsel who will explore how a pre dispute clause can be constructed to make the dispute resolution process and the management of the hearing more efficient. The dispute resolution clause can be ...

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