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Welcome to the Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR) webpage. Our goal is to serve as leading resource for business and professional development of women Dispute Resolution professionals to insure them the full scope of opportunities in dispute resolution.

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Our Goals and Objectives:

  • to assess status of women in DR profession and academia
  • to identify whether there are barriers that prevent women from full participation in Dispute Resolution profession
  • to determine whether women are considered for, and appointed to, all types, sizes and complexities of cases
  • to develop positive and proactive initiatives for increasing participation of women in the Dispute Resolution profession
  • to interact with women’s networking groups of the ABA, Trial Bar, International Bar and other related Organizations
  • to mentor women Dispute Resolution professionals

Updates on Meetings & Projects


February Program

Barbara Bryant will present about Gender Bias in the Selection of ADR Professionals. Barbara has been a full-time provider of mediation and other dispute resolution services since 1994. Prior to that, she was a litigator for 19 years with an emphasis on individual and class action employment, discrimination, and sexual harassment cases. She serves as a Mediation Coach and Mento, speaks regularly on Bias and ADR topics, and teaches Sexual Harassment Law at University of California, Berkeley Law.

Past Programs

January Program

Breathe Life Into Your Office With Products That Work Wonders
A professional organizer of 14 years, Kacy Paide has seen a handful of simple office organizing products work small miracles. Sometimes, they are even items most of us have on hand that come to life with a new perspective. Paide gives a tour of 5 humble office organizing products that have transformed hundreds of offices. See your office in a new light after learning exactly what to buy, what to repurpose, and creative ways to use simple tools. “Out of sight, out of mind?” You’ll be especially delighted with these solutions!

Kacy Paide, a professional organizer since 2001, focuses solely on offices & paper. Her clients are left with the ability to find what they need when they need it, a space that reflects their personality, and customized systems to fall back on should the papers start to creep back in. Many of her clients claim to be "out of site out of mind," so she has much success with creative categorizing and alternatives to the traditional filing cabinet. Past clients include: wine expert, lingerie company owner, art gallery owner, attorneys, and more. Kacy lives in Silver Spring, MD and speaks and consults nationally. Learn more at and on her popular YouTube channel.

December Program
Two accomplished employment lawyers Katherine M. Kimpel and Kate Mueting and will be sharing their perspectives on what makes for an effective mediation and why they select particular mediators. Please come prepared with questions and comments. We look forward to an interactive discussion.

Katherine She first rose to national attention when she served as Lead Counsel representing approximately 6,000 female employees in their gender and pregnancy discrimination claims in Velez v. Novartis. After a seven-week trial, the Firm secured the largest employment discrimination verdict ($253 million) in United States history. The National Law Journal named Ms. Kimpel's office as DC’s Employment Litigation Department of the year in 2013 and named Ms. Kimpel one of the 75 most accomplished female attorneys working in the legal professions today and one of DC’s 40 under 40. She was selected for DC’s Super Lawyers list; was identified as a “female powerbroker” by Law360; and was awarded the Women of Inspiration recognition by Ms. JD. Ms. Kimpel is the Senior Editor for Shattering the Ceiling and is often asked to write for national news outlets, legal publications, and for women’s organizations. Ms. Kimpel also teaches a course on Antidiscrimination Law at Yale Law School and she also provides training and coaching to corporations and non-profits seeking to proactively create and maintain diverse, collaborative and equitable work environments.

Kate Mueting is a Senior Litigation Counsel in the Washington, DC office of Sanford Heisler Kimpel, LLP. She represents employees in employment disputes, including plaintiffs in individual and class actions involving gender and race discrimination and other civil rights claims. For example, Ms. Mueting currently represents a class of women with gender discrimination and retaliation claims against a Big Four accounting firm in Kassman et al. v. KPMG. She also negotiates on behalf of employees in other employment matters, including exit packages, severance agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, and offer letters. Ms. Mueting is a member of the Supreme Court Bar and is a Co-Chair of the Women’s Bar Association’s Employment Law Forum. Ms. Mueting has been recognized as a leading litigator by numerous publications, including the Washington, DC Super Lawyers Magazine, and eBoss Watch. Before joining Sanford Heisler Kimpel, Ms. Mueting worked at Covington & Burling, LLP, DC’s Children’s Law Center, and she clerked for The Honorable Michael J. Melloy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit and The Honorable Richard J. Leon on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

November Program

Building Common Ground to Reduce the Grounds for Conflict: Using Shared Understanding and Commitment to Enable the Productive Resolution of Differences

There are a growing number of cases where divergent groups have come together before a conflict escalates, finding Common Ground and jointly developing creative alternatives that reduce conflict. Using structured processes, and supported by professional facilitation, stakeholders work to develop a Shared Understanding of the various dimensions of Wicked Problems. A deepened appreciation of their shared responsibility for the current situation leads to a Shared Commitment to working together in new ways to bring about lasting improvements that benefit everyone. Learn the principles and practices, and be introduced to interesting cases, in this creative approach to Dispute Systems Design.

*Speaker Bio for **Michael Randel* Michael Randel is the founder of Randel Consulting Associates, a consulting firm that has worked with companies in more than 30 countries, leading organizations through change and growth. Michael is focused on bringing people together in the face of tough, almost unresolvable differences. He supports them by designing and facilitating structured processes that enable them to achieve breakthrough results with complex problems. The influence of his work has been recognized with a number of global awards – including Gold Facilitation Impact Awards from the International Association of Facilitators and being recognized as a “Global Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business”.

Thank you to our October Speaker: Katy Goshtabi

*Differentiate As A Lawyer! Develop Your Personal Brand and Increase Your Business Success* People buy our uniqueness before they ever buy our service as a lawyer. You are a walking billboard for your practice and you alone have the power to attract and grow your business if you have the right personal brand. You have 3 to 5 seconds to make a lasting, positive first impression on those around you. You don’t have to necessarily “do” anything differently, just “think” differently and have self-awareness. 75% of everything we buy is based on how we “feel” about the product or service and not on the content. This is true of all humans, regardless of nationality or origin. Yet as lawyers, the “success” focal point is often on the substantive product/service and less on the emotional value you bring to your practice/clients. This is not surprising given the high level of intellect involved in being successful. In this session, we will focus on the non-substantive element that is responsible for 50% of your business growth and success, your Emotional Resonance Factor ® (ERF).

*Speaker Bio for Katy Goshtasbi* For the past seven years Katy has created a successful personal brand management company where she collaborates with clients on developing, positioning and marketing their personal brands. Their result is measurably increased self-confidence and an ability to effectively communicate their value and worth to develop new business, increase revenue and productivity. Katy is a internationally known public speaker on the subject of personal branding and travels educating audiences about the subject. Her best-selling book, “Personal Branding In One Hour For Lawyers” (ABA Publications) is available. In her prior career, she was been a practicing securities attorney for thirteen years, where she practiced in-house, in a law firm, at the Securities & Exchange Commission in Washington, DC and lobbied on Capitol Hill.

Women in ADR: Practice Snapshot Survey Report

One of the goals of the WIDR Committee has been to change how neutral selection occurs in disputes, to increase the number of women who serve as neutrals, and to ensure that women and minorities were proportionally represented as neutrals. The first step, before suggesting changes, was to understand the current situation in the world of dispute resolution. In fall 2012, the Section of Dispute Resolution surveyed the lawyers belonging to the section to determine how mediators and arbitrators are selected in legal cases and the types of cases being resolved through the many available dispute resolution processes. Specifically, the survey was designed to examine who is being selected as a neutral, by whom, using what process, and for what types of cases. This report explains the methodology of the survey, the demographics of the respondents and neutrals involved in particular cases, and, most importantly, the information about neutral selection. Read the full report here.

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    The Secret for Success in Negotiation: Preparation


    Program Description: Research has shown that the quality of a negotiator's preparation is the greatest factor in predicting negotiation success. This webinar will provide you with the essentials of a thorough preparation that will lead to the best possible negotiation outcome. A comprehensive and un-copyrighted ...

    Evaluations, Opinions, Observations and Comments: When and How Mediators Use Analytical Techniques


    Program Description: This webinar will teach participants when and why mediators use evaluative techniques and how parties and counsel can best make use of the techniques. The speakers will discuss whether it is ethical for mediators to evaluate, whether parties want evaluation and how traditional reality-testing ...

    Effective Mediation Advocacy In-Person Program

    American Bar Association

    The event will be held on 03/16/2016. The format is In-Person. The event sponsor(s) are Section of Dispute Resolution. The event has 0.00 CLE Credits .


The Legal Technology Resource Center of the Law Practice Management Section is a great resource.

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