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Section of Dispute Resolution:
Women in Dispute Resolution Committee - WIDR

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Welcome to the Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR) webpage. Our goal is to serve as leading resource for business and professional development of women Dispute Resolution professionals to insure them the full scope of opportunities in dispute resolution.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • to assess status of women in DR profession and academia
  • to identify whether there are barriers that prevent women from full participation in Dispute Resolution profession
  • to determine whether women are considered for, and appointed to, all types, sizes and complexities of cases
  • to develop positive and proactive initiatives for increasing participation of women in the Dispute Resolution profession
  • to interact with women’s networking groups of the ABA, Trial Bar, International Bar and other related Organizations
  • to mentor women Dispute Resolution professionals

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Friday, September 11: Eat the Frog

First Mark Twain said, "If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning." In disputes, damages are often the frog. Many judges, arbitrators, and lawyers would rather eat a frog than deal with damages—they would rather focus on the liability issues first and leave damages until later; usually much later. Instead, it is wise to apply Mark Twain’s sage words and eat the frog first thing in the morning by performing a realistic assessment of damages as soon as reasonably possible. Carol Ludington possesses a unique perspective in dispute resolution as a result of her varied experience as a damage expert in U.S. domestic litigation, U.S. arbitration and international arbitration, as an arbitrator, and as a consultant. She is a CPA with thirty years of experience in hundreds of complex commercial and intellectual property disputes, frequently serves as a testifying expert, consults regarding ADR, early analysis of damages, creative dispute resolution processes and strategies to effectively accomplish discovery and case preparation, is currently on the AAA Roster of Arbitrators, is a qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice, and is a frequent speaker on damages and ADR. Additional information can be found at She can be reached at or 612-581-2880.

THANK YOU TO IRENA VANENKOVA, Executive Director of the International Mediation Institute (IMI), who talked with WIDR during our July Teleconference about IMI initiatives, IMI certification, the benefits of IMI membership, how to become an IMI certified mediator and information about the IMI Inter-Cultural Certification.

JUNE PRESENTATION ON YOUTUBE: If you missed the June 2015 WIDR meeting with the ADR Court Committee, co-chairs, Jill Morris and Myra Selby spoke on the topic of diversity on court ADR Panels, you can view the webinar.Click here, or cut and paste the URL into your browser:

Women in ADR: Practice Snapshot Survey Report

One of the goals of the WIDR Committee has been to change how neutral selection occurs in disputes, to increase the number of women who serve as neutrals, and to ensure that women and minorities were proportionally represented as neutrals. The first step, before suggesting changes, was to understand the current situation in the world of dispute resolution. In fall 2012, the Section of Dispute Resolution surveyed the lawyers belonging to the section to determine how mediators and arbitrators are selected in legal cases and the types of cases being resolved through the many available dispute resolution processes. Specifically, the survey was designed to examine who is being selected as a neutral, by whom, using what process, and for what types of cases. This report explains the methodology of the survey, the demographics of the respondents and neutrals involved in particular cases, and, most importantly, the information about neutral selection. Read the full report here.

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Dispute Resolution Magazine -- Women in ADR

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Section Events

    Balancing Party Control and Efficiency: Managing the Parties and Preparing for the Arbitration Hearing


    Program Description:This panel is comprised of an advocate, former judge and former in house counsel who will explore how arbitrators balance the parties desire for self determination against managing the arbitration process to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness. The panel will discuss managing ...

    Negotiation Institute


    Hosted by the American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution1050 Connecticut Avenue, NWSuite 400Washington, DC 20036 This program is designed to help you develop practical skills in legal bargaining. To ensure an interactive experience, attendance will be limited to 50 persons. You will participate ...

    Managing the Arbitration Hearing and Evidence


    Program Description:Based on the premise that advocates and clients chose arbitration to obtain a fair, expeditious and efficient process to resolve the dispute, we will explore the flexibility that sometimes goes unused by arbitrators and advocates in the process. We will discuss the key steps that ...


The Legal Technology Resource Center of the Law Practice Management Section is a great resource.

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