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Studies and reports on the legal and ethical ramifications of advances in the technology of assisted reproduction, and in the science of genetics, that relate to family law, through CLE programs; publications; development of model legislation; and making of Reports and Recommendations through the Section of Family Law to the ABA; and by these efforts, influence public policy, legislation, and, as amici curiae, court decisions, that impact the individuals and institutions involved, toward the end of promoting progress in, and betterment of, the law, as well as the practice of law.


Model Act Governing Assisted Reproduction
The Model Act was approved and adopted by the ABA House of Delegates at the ABA Midyear Meeting in February 2008. Read the Act linked above as a pdf.

A Word document of the Model Act is also available for your perusal. (Section Council approved this Act in November 2007.)

American Bar Association's Section of Family Law, in a Report to the House of Delegates, submitted the following RECOMMENDATION on cloning. The recommendation was approved the the ABA House of Delegates on August 9-10, 2004. Read the full report.

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