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Agricultural Law Committee

Agricultural Law Committee

Message From The Chair

Welcome to the GPSolo Agriculture Law Committee!

Although others are welcome, this Committee is designed for lawyers who practice in the small firm or solo practitioner setting. Agriculture law touches upon nearly every area of law, it is just geared towards a specific industry. This committee helps facilitate conversation and educational events on the following areas:

  • farm/ranch estate planning;

  • agri-business succession planning;

  • farm/ranch divorces;

  • agriculture taxation;

  • environmental regulation on agriculture;

  • food & agriculture policy;

  • business law and commercial litigation as it applies to agriculture;

  • grant writing for farms and agri-businesses;

  • food/ag insurance (e.g., crop insurance, livestock insurance, product liability insurance, environmental insurance);

  • equine law;

  • food/ag intellectual property;

  • food safety and labeling;

  • property and land use law;

  • international food and agriculture law;

  • biotechnology;

  • animal law (e.g., livestock space/confinement);

  • criminal law (e.g., livestock animal welfare, livesock trespass, livestock space);

  • fiber and leather production;

  • urban/ suburban agriculture;

  • agri-tourism/agri-tainment;

  • tort law (e.g., Right-to-Farm law); and,

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

Thirteen (13) subcommittees have been developed to help encourage conversation and education in these practice areas. As a solo practitioner myself, I know first-hand the value in building relationships with other agriculture attorneys with similar practice areas. I hope that this Committee will help build that invaluable community for lawyers who practice agriculture law in a small firm setting.

Please make sure to join the Committee discussion list.

Thank you,
Maggy Gregory
Agricultural Committee Chair

Member Food & Agriculture Law Blogs

Food and agriculture law blogs authored by members of this Committee include the following:

Alan Fowler, Esq., "Eat. Drink. Law.",;

Amanda Gregory, Esq., "Urban Earthworm",;

Amy Salberg, Esq., "Real Food Law",;

Cari Rincker, Esq., "Food, Farm & Family Law",; and

Matthew Vandiver, Esq., "Agriculture and the Law",

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Gregory, Maggy

Committee Roster  


Google Groups have been created for each of the various subcommittees. To be added on the Google Groups, please email You must be a member of this Committee. The Co-Chairs for the various subcommittees are as follows:

1. Ag ADR: Open Chair

2. Ag Estate/Succession Planning, Family Law & Taxation: Margaret Fulton

3. Ag Environmental...


Discussion List

As a member of the Agricultural Law Committee you may contact committee members via the discussion list: GP-AGRICULTURAL@MAIL.AMERICANBAR.ORG


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