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Message From The Co-Chairs

We met first virtually through GP Solo Small Firm Senior Staff's efforts, then in person at Oceannaire's Sea Food Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, MN, in February 2014, as newly appointed Co-Chairs of the Int'l Law Committee.

We soon realized that our appointments had been a fortunate meeting of minds, considering the extensive, varied, and lifelong exposure to international practice which distinguishes us in the profession and personally within our communities, in the U.S and Italy / Europe respectively.

We soon gained visibility and appreciation within GP Solo Small Firm Division in a matter of months after taking office, particularly accomplishing a successfull Int'l Law Committee business meeting in Las Vegas, NV, within the context of the Spring Meeting there.

Your Co-Chairs were in fact named Stars of the Quarter in recognition of the excellent work done.

We are pleased to serve on this Committee 2014-15, which we would like to enhance particularly in quality and substance, other than by membership only.

All the best!

Susan Burns and Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa
Co-Chairs, International Law Committee

Who We Are

Certain areas of the World, Europe for that matter, have long been exposed to internationalization, possibly not because of choice, instead out of straight necessity, considering that international approaches are inevitable when people and businesses have many borders around.

Other areas, including North America, are becoming more and more international minded, also in the legal profession, as a result of a consistent, positive move to consider us as citizens of the World, despite our being necessarily residents of a country.

Solo / Small Firms members are encouraged to reach out to the International Law Committee where we offer dissemination of knowledge and goodwill from the Co-Chairs, its existing and new members, drawing on an endless log of professional and personal experience in International legal matters affecting practically all areas of practice.

More About Us

Solo Small Firms are increasingly becoming more likely to share business opportunities internationally.

Although more structured firms tend to concentrate globally, heading for the consolidation of very large concerns spanning five continents, we are in fact experiencing more involvement by small firms in international deals, litigation, consultancy at large.

The ABA, our Division and particularly the International Law Committee offer members the opportunity to share goodwill, information, liaison to specialists or generalists internationally.

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Burns, Susan
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