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Message From The Co-Chairs

Dear All,

The International Law Committee's mission is to promote awareness of International related issues within GP Solo Small Firms Division internally as well as in view of developing closer synergies with other A.B.A Sections/ Committees.

Small firms and solo practitioners, globally, are becoming more and more involved in legal, economics, social, administrative, security, financial, management, issues within an International context.

Susan Burns acts as legal advisor to clients worldwide, serving as corporate counsel to entrepreneurial companies of all sizes and advocating to protect clients' interests abroad. She is trained as an arbitrator and registered as a qualified neutral, besides enjoying speaking on a variety of legal issues. She is fluent in Spanish and German and has been a member of the American Bar Association since 2006. Besides serving as Co-Chair of our Committee, Susan is Vice-Chair of the Commercial and Business Opportunities - GP Solo Small Firms Division.

Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa is an Italian attorney, member of the Milano Bar since 1980, he holds a Law Degree from Padua University as well as a Master of Arts in Business Law from the City of London Polytechnic. Giuseppe's practice, possibly because of an instinctive curiosity about people and countries beyond his beloved unique Italy, has always had an International approach. He attended several seminars in Europe and the U.S over years, including The Salzburg Seminar and the American Academy of American and Int'l Law in Richardson, Tx. After active membership in the International Bar Association for fifteen years, Giuseppe joined the A.B.A thanks to a fortunate professional meeting with James R. Silkenat in 2004, and he currently holds seven Leadership positions within the A.B.A: Co-Chair of The International Law Committee - Solo Small Firms General Practice Division , Liaison of Section of International Law to Solo Small Firms General Practice Division , Vice Chair/Rule of Law Officer Europe Committee , Vice Chair of China Committee, Vice Chair of Int’l Commercial Transactions Franchising Distribution Committee , Vice Chair of Admiralty Maritime Committee of Tort Trial Insurance Practice Section, Member of the Steering Committee of JVMA Committee. Giuseppe is an active member of The American Society of International Law, The European Society of International Law and The New York City Bar Association.

We look forward to serving our Committee at best and to sharing thoughts and projects with all of you.

Susan Burns and Giuseppe L Rosa
Co-Chairs, International Law Committee

Who We Are

This Committee deals with issues concerning both public and private international law. It is also actively working to enhance the ability of the general practitioner to "surf" the Internet through a series of ongoing "hands-on" programs. The committee follows the activities involving the Central and Eastern Law Initiative (CEELI) of the ABA.

More About Us

Solo Small Firms are increasingly becoming more likely to share business opportunities internationally.

Although more structured firms tend to concentrate globally, heading for the consolidation of very large concerns spanning five continents, we are in fact experiencing more involvement by small firms in international deals, litigation, consultancy at large.

The ABA, our Division and particularly the International Law Committee offer members the opportunity to share goodwill, information, liaison to specialists or generalists internationally.

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Co-Chairs:  Susan Burns, Giuseppe L Rosa

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Programs, Meetings and Events

Committee Events
2014 Joint Spring Meeting with Group Legal Services Association (GLSA) and ABA Standing Committee on Group and Prepaid Legal Services
May 1, 2014 - May 3, 2014
International Law Committee Meeting
May 1, 2014
2:50 PM - 3:50 PM
ARIA Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Juniper Ballroom 1

Agenda for the Meeting:

1. De-Briefing from Giuseppe's 2013 attendance at:
   SIL/ROLI Seminar at SMU Dallas about the
   Outlook of the Arab Revolutions; IV World
   Justice Forum, SIL Spring and Fall Meetings,
   GP Solo Lexington Conference,China Committee
   meetings in Shanghai and London, TIPS
   Admiralty Maritime Int'l Law Committee
   activities, plus 2014 attendance at A.B.A
   Mid-Year Meeting and SIL Spring Meeting.

2. Briefing by Giuseppe about Rule of Law as
   viewed from a varied perspective (World   
   Justice Project, the Holy See, the American
   Society of International Law, NYCBA, the
   United Nations, the EU ).

3. Proposal that the Int'l Law Committee be
   officially allocated by GP Solo Leadership the
   task of being the Division's spearhead in
   Liaising with SIL,TIPS and ROLI.

4. Direct involvement by Co-Chairs in Int'l
   Practice to promote awareness amongst members
   of the Committee and GP Solo Small Firms
   Division that International practice is not a
   niche, instead a matter of our professional
   daily commitments and opportunities.


Division Events
April 22, 2014
Location: N/A
Format: Webinar/Teleconference

April 23, 2014
Location: N/A
Format: Webinar/Teleconference

April 24, 2014
Location: N/A
Format: Webinar/Teleconference

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