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Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Committee provides information on all aspects of estate planning to general practitioners and more experienced elder, estate planning, probate and trust attorneys. ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division Elder Law Committee Business Plan 2017-18 Division 3: Practice Specialty Division Director: Daniel Tann Reporting Board or Committee: Elder Law Committee Business Plan Completed By: Kenneth Vercammen Co-Chair, Edison, NJ 1) Projects and Timetable List projects the committee hopes to accomplish during the bar year, including a timetable for each project (list as many projects as desired). Some examples are listed on page two. Help publicize Division’s new book “Wills and Estate Administration Practice” approx 240 pages to help raise revenue for section Meeting at St. Paul Fall Small Firm Summit -Meeting at New Orleans Spring meeting -Participate in quarterly ABA Commission on Law and Aging networking calls Proposed Brown Bag webinar -Program or Meeting in Chicago in August at ABA Annual Meeting - Work with GPSolo collaboration with RPTE - monthly emails to members, provide members with materials from prior seminars sponsored by Elder Law Committee -hold another Brown Bag webinar similar to “Are You Running Your Practice Like A Business” -share forms with members, -Share YouTube videos with members and Solosez Timetable for Events – -Conference calls every 3 months - Brown Bag webinar for January or February - - Chicago meeting August - Work with GPSolo collaboration with RPTE as needed 2) Communications with Members Describe how you plan to communicate with your committee members. I will send an email every month to the committee members. Almost all of our communication will be by conference calls and e-mail via the GPSolo website . The Committee members will continue to monitor the activities around the country and we will attempt to send out e-mail alerts to members of any “breaking issues”. This frequent communication on timely topics will increase the value of committee involvement! Also send monthly announcements to Solosez. All Committee Members are requested to participate and contribute during the upcoming year by participating in conference calls and volunteering to undertake assigned tasks to complete Committee projects. Submission of articles to GPSolo eReport, CLE, Teleconferences and Alerts, Members will be able to take part in those types of activities that they prefer. One of the ideas that arose in recent discussions of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging is to find a way to link together the elder law related committees of the sections and divisions, so that the disparate members who have an interest in elder law at least know a little about what others are doing in the ABA related to the subject. There is now an email list among the members, staff, and/or chairs of those committees to share information, resources, and announcements. There are elder law or elder rights related committees in Criminal Justice, Family Law, General Practice/Solo, Health Law, Individual Rights, RPTE, and Senior Lawyers, and as a result, this email is going to the staff of those sections. This will enable us all to share current interests and activities, as well as possible future activities regarding Aging and Elder Law 3) Committee Member Involvement Explain expectations for committee members. The Committee has several hundred members available to participate in Committee projects but it can work with as large a committee as possible. The more people we have working on the different projects the better. Those that want to be active can jump on in and those that just want to be informed can take advantage of our projects. 4) Number of Committee Meetings List how often the committee will meet or hold conference calls. Meeting at St. Paul Fall Small Firm summit -Meeting at New Orleans Spring meeting -Program or Meeting in Chicago in August at ABA Annual Meeting 5) Needs from Director Identify support you will need from your Division Director. The Committee anticipates guidance, support and/or involvement from our Division Director regarding publicizing the Wills and Estate Administration book We need help setting up programs and meetings.  

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As a member of the Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Committee you may contact committee members via the discussion list: GP-ESTATE@MAIL.AMERICANBAR.ORG.

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