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Who We Are: Once viewed as little more than a "marketing opportunity," today Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") has become a true business imperative. An ever expanding regime of mandatory reporting and groundbreaking new legal requirements impose unique compliance and third-party due diligence obligations on the global business community. By providing an international network of CSR practitioners, officials, and thought leaders representing diverse industries and multiple fields from both the public and private sectors, the Committee leads the effort to examine CSR-related issues. We are truly at the cutting edge of this constantly evolving compliance field. The CSR Committee keeps members involved, interactive, and informed of current developments relating to all aspects of the practice, including employment law, human rights, environmental and energy issues, ethical and governance issues, disclosure requirements, risk management assessments, and best practices. We encourage active engagement, and help identify opportunities to weigh in on the consideration and development of critical laws and regulations relevant to CSR, and participate in the expanding dialogue with NGO's, other relevant ABA committees and sections, and the various external stakeholders. One of the best features of the CSR Committee is that we are on the leading edge of a rapidly developing field of law. CSR straddles both the private and public sectors, and is relevant to almost every practice area - environmental, human rights, labor, healthcare, anti-corruption, corporate and business to name just a few. What We Do: We welcome those who are new to the practice, and who want to learn more about CSR in its many dimensions - social, environmental, economic and governance. We also welcome those who are more established and wish to network with peers, gain access to the most current information, and advance their knowledge through fresh and exciting programming. How We Do It: The CSR Committee keeps members informed of current developments relating to all aspects of the practice, including employment law, human rights, environmental and energy issues, ethical and governance issues, disclosure requirements, risk management assessment and best practices. We do this through various channels: (1) regular reports via our listserve; (2) current news and developments on our website; (3) publications, including the CSR Journal, the International Law News, the Year In Review and other ABA publications; (4) CSR Committee programs and projects; and (5) many informational links. Why You Should Join: All of these leading edge resources are available to you as a member of the CSR Committee. In addition, we encourage you to actively participate, whether its joining our steering committee, contributing to publications, organizing programs, becoming an expert speaker, engaging in projects or offering suggestions. The CSR field is a dynamic one. Its constant evolution and the development of legal regimes - both hard and soft law - mean you have the opportunity to become involved in one of the newer, more exciting practice areas, which embraces virtually every aspect of law. It is our hope that as a member you gain not just some of the benefits we've listed for you here, but also create and add new ones for yourself and future members. Our transcending practice area provides the unique opportunity to learn, grow, collaborate and build your own network of global colleagues. For more information, contact Amol Mehra, and Anita Ramasastry,

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Mehra, Amol
Ramasastry, Anita


Christiansen, Emily
Dill, Sara
Ewelukwa, Uche
Meyerstein, Ariel
Mooney, Lelia
Roberts, Nigel
Turchi, Elizabeth

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Int'l Corporate Liability in Conflict Zones

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International Corporate Liability in Conflict Zones Conference

March 21, 2013

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    Dealing with Overseas Assets in Your Divorce Case


    Dealing with Overseas Assets in Your Divorce Case

    ITAR Developments: Brown Bag


    A non-CLE program proudly presented byABA Section of International Law Export Controls and Economic Sanctions CommitteeTeleconference w/ In-person Options Miller & Chevalier Chartered 655 15th Street, N.W. Suite 900 Washington, DC 20005 Discussion of policy issues and developments under the ITAR with ...

    Columbia Arbitration Day 2015


    The event will be held on 03/06/2015. The format is In-Person. The event sponsor(s) are Section of International Law. The event has 0.00 CLE Credits .

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