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Section of International Law:
Women's Interest Network (WIN)

A Warm Welcome from the WIN Co-chairs...

Dear WINners,

Greetings to old friends and new members of the Women's Interest Network (WIN)!

We look forward to an exciting year ahead and cordially invite your active participation in the many novel projects and initiatives planned for the year. Our Immediate Past Chair and Senior Advisor, Olufunmi Oluyede, offers global experience, wisdom, and guidance to the work of the WIN Committee as we turn our attention to the 2015-2016 term. We remain open to new ideas on enhancing the impact and value/worth of WIN globally and accordingly encourage all and sundry to share your thoughts, get involved -and become bona fide world-impacting WINners. Please read the latest edition of the WINews by clicking this link: to review current examples of the wonderfully impactful work the Committee is doing and the great contributions our members are making to promote and preserve the interests of women around the globe.

Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Lisette Lavergne

Sharon James

Committee Co-Chairs

About the Committee

The Women’s Interest Network (WIN) primarily focuses on the promotion and preservation of the rights and interests of women globally through exciting and impactful projects, programs, teleconferences, policy initiatives, publications, communication and outreach channels within the aims and objectives of the Section. Our membership includes both women and men, lawyers and non-lawyer associates. We warmly welcome the participation of all our members while extending an open invitation to actively join our Steering Group and become a contributing member if you have not already done so.

WIN relies on the enthusiasm of its growing membership. The Committee strives to expand not just numerically, but also geographically and culturally with the aid of various Regional Representatives in cities across the globe. These Member Representatives act as WIN contacts periodically organizing WIN events in their local cities for WIN and non-WIN members alike, thereby offering excellent opportunities for networking and maximizing global impact of WIN objectives. Events planned are often based on United Nations Observances within the aims and interests of the Committee and are implemented in collaboration with Member’s external contacts and entities. WIN is very proud of its Regional Representatives. If you are interested in becoming a WIN Representative within your jurisdiction please let us know.

Monthly Committee Conference Calls for the 2016-2017 ABA year are scheduled for 12pm Eastern Time on the last Wednesday of the month. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 12pm ET to join the first call of the new ABA year. We will close out the 2015-2016 ABA year with a call on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at 12pm ET. Please join the listserv to receive the meeting agenda, minutes, and call-in details. Our conference calls are open to men and women, lawyers and non-lawyers globally. We look forward to your participation.

Contact us with questions, comments, and event update requests by contacting the current Committee Co-Chairs at the following email addresses:

Lisette Lavergne –
Sharon James –

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WIN Leadership


James, Sharon
Lavergne, Lisette


Flynn, Dionne
Mevs, Peggy
Murnane, Linda
Sukhija, Tanya
Tamaru, Nanako

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Upcoming Programs

Section Events

    “CAS”: The “Supreme Court of Sports” at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics


    The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio captured the attention of the world and also spawned a record-setting number of high-profile disputes involving athletes from countries around the globe, competing in a broad range of Olympic events. Nicknamed the Supreme Court of Sport, the Court of Arbitration for ...

    The Impact of TPP on NAFTA


    Proponents of the TPP state that it will deepen the economic relations between NAFTA countries. The Obama Administration argues that NAFTA is strengthened because it expressly addresses workers rights and environmental issues, and imposes trade sanctions for violations. The TPP also addresses ...

    International Employment Hurdles: Payroll Tax Played Out.


    This program will discuss the international component of payroll and employment tax. The discussion will entail the background of the tax and the implications of such a tax on employers and employees. The program will address double taxation, mutual agreements and treaties, retirement and old age insurance, ...

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The WIN Speakers Bureau assists Section members who are looking for diverse speakers and panelists with expertise in a variety of international law practice areas.

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