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Section of International Law: Women's Interest Network (WIN)

Section of International Law:
Women's Interest Network (WIN)


This committee focuses on the advancement of the legal rights and interests of women around the world through educational programs, teleconferences, policy initiatives, publications, communications, and outreach. Our annual programs include panel discussions on legal themes related to International Women’s Day and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As with the past years, we want you to be fully engaged this year as we work to build bridges with other committees within the ABA and organizations across the globe. The WIN Committee is primarily focusing our energy on ideas, initiatives, and programming aimed at promoting and preserving the rights of women in the United States and abroad. WIN relies on the enthusiasm, experience, and skills of our growing membership. The Committee strives to expand and not just numerically, but also geographically and culturally with the aid and support of our diverse membership. WIN is very proud and appreciative of its Regional Representatives. If you are interested in becoming a WIN Representative within your jurisdiction, please let us know.

Please be sure your contact information is current in the ABA membership database along with selecting the WIN Listserv so that you are kept informed about all meetings, opportunities, and discussions. The Committee normally meets via teleconference each month on the last Wednesday of the month. There are exceptions made due to special events or schedule conflicts. Dial-in details and the agenda are distributed through the WIN Listserv.

We are looking forward to working with all of you during 2017-2018. Sincerely,

Delissa Ridgway, Co-Chair

Renee Dopplick, Co-Chair


Committee Calls
The Committee normally meets via teleconference each month on the last Wednesday of the month at noon ET. There are exceptions made due to special events or schedule conflicts. Dial-in details and the agenda are distributed through the WIN Listserv.

Fall Conference in Miami
Join us for the upcoming ABA Section of International Law Fall Conference in Miami from October 24-27, 2017.

When the Bribe Isn’t Money: Gender, Sextortion, and the Fight for Rights

Track: Public International Law

Wednesday, October 25, 2:30-4 pm

Corrupt government employees sometimes prey on society's least powerful people, extorting bribes for rudimentary necessities and basic government services. Often the bribe extorted from women is sexual rather than monetary. In societies which stigmatize or criminalize same - sex sexual relationships or gender non - conformity, monetary bribes or sexual favors may be demanded in exchange for refraining from "outing" or arresting and prosecuting LGBT people. This "sextortion" phenomenon exists in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, and in developing countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. We will explore when sexual predation should be prosecuted as corruption; and whether self - help strategies such as collective action can give those vulnerable to sextortion a chance to fight back. Committee Sponsor: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues Network. Committee Co - Sponsors: International Anti - Corruption; Women's Interest Network

Speakers: Nancy Hendry, International Association of Women Judges, Washington, DC

Panel Chair : Mikhail Reider - Gordon, Professor of Law, Los Angeles, CA

Panel Chair and Moderator: Corinne Lammers, Paul Hastings, Washington , DC

Be Change - Makers for Yourself and the Legal Profession

Track: Legal Practice

Thursday, October 26, 9-10:30 am

Chronic stress and associated effects on health and relationships are a well - documented disproportionate problem of the legal profession. Despite efforts to combat these issues, depression, other adverse health effects and suicide continue to be on the rise. This is because we are addressing the symptoms but not the causes. To truly deal with this challenge, we must examine what is causing this stress together with openness and a desire to evolve the legal profession collectively. We will learn in this session how mind - training and meditation can assist you to uncover hidden thought patterns that drive repetitive dysfunctional behavior that lead to stress and associated issues. This will not only empower you to make meaningful changes to face the demands of the legal profession, but it will also allow you to access your untapped potential. These tools should be particularly helpful to young attorneys who are facing such pressures for the first time as they build their professional lives and women attorneys who continue to face distinctive challenges in balancing professional and personal demands. Beyond making changes at the individual level, we also need to recognize that the legal profession as a whole needs to embrace a more conscious and altruistic evolution, to ensure its viability and longevity. This program will explore how the legal profession around the world is beginning to meet the challenge and will be a forum to discuss how to meet this challenge. Committee Sponsor: Women's Interest Network Committee. Co - Sponsors: Senior Lawyers Interest Network; Young Lawyers Interest Network

Speakers: Scott L. Rogers, University of Miami School of Law, Coral Gables, FL

Darren S. Tucker, Morgan Lewis, Washington, DC

Ocean WhiteHawk, Samadhi Centre, Hong Kong

Panel Chair : Yee Wah Chin, Ingram Yuzek et al., New York, NY

Panel Chair, Moderator & Speaker: M. Auraellia Wang, Google Inc., Hong Kong

Latin America’s Leadership in Gender Diversity: Destroying the Myth of “Machismo”

Track: Public International Law

Friday, October 27, 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Pervasive cultural stereotypes paint Latin American society as patriarchal, misogynistic, and “machismo“ - driven. But, in fact, the rest of the world should take a page from the Latin American playbook. A 2016 study of 583 companies in 42 countries worldwide documents that, while global corporate gender diversity will generally stagnate for the next decade, the women of Latin America alone will achieve significant progress, holding 45 - 50% of all professional, managerial, and executive positions in corporations by 2025. By contrast, the statistics for women in Europe, the U.S., and Canada are expected to remain unchanged. The public sector story is little different. In both the lower and upper houses combined, women around the world account for approximately 22% of seats held in parliament. The United States lags behind the global average, ranking below 95 countries, including low - and middle - income countries such as Ethiopia, El Salvador, and Suriname, as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Worldwide, Rwanda has the highest percentage of women in parliament, at 64% – followed by Bolivia at 53% and Cuba at 49%. Similarly, although the U.S. still has never had a woman President, women have led Latin American and Caribbean nations, including Brazil, Panama, Chile, Costa Rica, and Argentina. Research establishes that having women in top leadership posts – in the private sector, and in the public sector – is good for business and good for society. Why and how is Latin America succeeding where the U.S. (and much of the rest of the world) is failing? What laws and policies are most effective in promoting gender diversity in the uppermost echelons of a company . . . or a country? And what are the overarching implications of the current trends for global peace, justice, the rule of law, and economic development? Join us for an engaging, dynamic, and provocative dialogue, and use audience polling technology (handheld “keypads“) to express your personal views and to contribute (anonymously) to the conversation! Committee Sponsor: Women's Interest Network Committee. Co - Sponsors: Latin America & Caribbean; United Nations and International Institutions; International Human Rights

Panel Chair : Honorable Delissa Ridgway, Judge, US Court of International Trade, New York, NY


A New Global Agenda for Women: Discussion of 21st Century Challenges to Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment

ABA Annual CLE in the City – UN Track

August 11, 2017

The panel will discuss the United Nations’ goals of empowering women and girls worldwide. Panelists will examine 21st century challenges to women’s and girls’ full participation in leadership roles, pay equity, peace processes, and freedom from violence, especially in war zones.

Co-sponsors: ABA Section of International Law

Trump Travel Ban

June 21, 2017

This program aims to define where practice and policy currently collaborate and defy each other following the Executive Order 13780 entitled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States and where we are headed with the implementation of immigration laws, humanitarian refugee efforts, effect of due process violations, enforcement by the Justice Department, and legal concerns surrounding the Muslim Ban. The program will provide an analysis of recent court cases and judges that precluded these bans in Hawaii and other states. The end result from a practical perspective for immigration cases in Los Angeles and other sanctuary cities around the world will be presented. The program will discuss the ABA’s response to immigration actions in the United States and the need for action by the legal community. Professional education materials cover the ABA policy responses to the immigration actions, the Executive Orders, the federal court cases, related legislation, major federal laws and regulations, and relevant international treaties.


Linda Murnane, Chief, Court Management Services, Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Leidschendam, The Netherlands (Ret.)


Lisette Lavergne - Immigration Law Attorney, Salmen Navarro & Lavergne, PC, California

Anthony Winer - Constitutional Law Professor, Mitchel Hamline School of Law, Minnesota

Hon. Delissa Ridgway - Judge of the U.S. Court of International Trade, New York

Renee Dopplick – International Lawyer, Washington, D.C.


Call for Articles - International Law News
International Law News publishes high-quality submissions on topics of interest to international law practitioners, researchers, and students. ILN editors are interested in articles addressing each issue’s theme, but articles on other topics are also appreciated. Feature articles are typically 2,000–3,000 words in length. References and resources should be integrated into the text. Articles should not use footnotes. Read the Author Guidelines.

Contributing Authors - The Year in Review 2017
This annual publication summarizes major developments in international law during the calendar year from January to December 2017. It reaches 20,000+ readers in 90+ countries. If you are interested in being a contributing author, please contact the Co-Chairs. Read our chapter last year, The Year in Review 2016: Women’s Interest Network.

Recent Articles

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By Delissa A. Ridgway

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By Bernice Leber and Salli Swartz

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Making a Difference Through Policy
Do you have an idea for a public policy position that the ABA Section of International Law should adopt to promote the administration of justice, liberty, and rule of law? Members are encouraged to suggest new policy areas for further research and consideration. Let the Co-Chairs know if you have an idea or would like to work on policy issues.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness
A key goal of our committee for 2017-2018 is to promote diversity within our own committee membership. Please let the Co-Chairs know if you have ideas on how to mobilize further action to reach a diverse range of lawyers and law students.


Mayre Rasmussen Award for the Advancement of Women in International Law

ABA Section of International Law

The Section presents this award periodically to individuals who have achieved professional excellence in international law, encouraged women to engage in international law careers, enabled women lawyers to attain international law job positions from which they were excluded historically, or advanced opportunities for women in international law.

Awarded in 2017 to Priti Suri for her role as a mentor and in opening doors for women and women lawyers in India. She helped found the Society of Women Lawyers – India (SOWL), and has been its President since its inception in 2008. SOWL has successfully advanced reforms of criminal laws affecting women in India.

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November 29, 2017
Special in-person committee meeting on October 25 at the Fall Conference in Miami.

This Committee generally holds monthly calls the last Wednesday of every month at noon ET. Contact the Co-Chairs for dial-in information.

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    Doing Business in the Caribbean: A Primer


    Due to the level of damage caused in particular by Hurricane Maria to the overall infrastructure of the island as well as to our conference facilities and other alternative venues, we are not able proceed with the San Juan module at this time. We are not abandoning it but will postpone it to a future ...

    Dinner Cruise at the 2017 Fall Conference


    The event will be held on 10/24/2017. The format is In-Person. The event sponsor(s) are Section of International Law. The event has 0.00 CLE Credits .

    2017 Section of International Law Fall Conference

    JW Marriott Marquis

    Online registration is now closed. Registration will be available onsite at the JW Marriott Marquis starting Tuesday, October 25th at 12:00 noon on the 3rd floor **Our Friday Reception venue has changed to Ball & Chain - this Cuban restaurant feautres live music and salsa dancers in the heart of ...

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