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Section of International Law: Sao Paulo City Chapter

Section of International Law:
Sao Paulo City Chapter

Who We Are

Welcome to the Sao Paulo International City Chapter of the ABA Section of International Law (SIL).

In 2011 the SIL obtained approval from the American Bar Association Board of Governors to create International City Chapters. The concept behind International City Chapters is to address the goal of ABA and SIL membership outreach. International City Chapters will act as meeting points" for ABA members worldwide, to which potential and existing ABA and Section members may be invited. International City Chapters will also serve as a host committee" for ABA leadership visits and meetings. International City Chapters will develop their own agendas, activities and events, and each International City Chapter will operate independently of each other except in the case where several City Chapters decide to plan joint events and activities with each other and/or with SIL.

International City Chapters are headed by a City Chapter Chair or Co-Chairs, who direct the objectives and planned activities of the City Chapter. The City Chapter is not a separate legal entity; and the ABA and SIL have no financial or legal responsibility for any of its acts. An International City Chapter is a local working group created to set up formal and informal meetings, events and activities to focus on local community interests and membership outreach. The main objectives of the International City Chapter are the organization of local activities to promote interest and membership in the ABA and the Section in the local legal community and to reach out to the local legal community to plan activities.

More About Us

The Sao Paulo City Chapter welcomes lawyers and law students who are interested in regional activities, networking opportunities and educational programs within the Section of International Law.

The Sao Paulo City Chapter serves as a hub and meeting point in Brazil for the ABA worldwide legal community, organizing local activities and connecting people. Members of the Sao Paulo City Chapter will have access to the email listserv which is a great portal to exchange ideas, keep in touch with other members of the City Chapter, discuss legal issues and receive invitations for local events.

If you are interested in joining our Sao Paulo City Chapter, please contact one of our Co-Chairs identified on the upper right. Your engagement is key to keep and develop the City Chapter. Don't be shy. JOIN NOW.

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