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The International Refugee Law Committee (IRLC) is concerned with the fundamental human rights of refugees around the world, rights that refugees can rarely assert and are often denied. The committee seeks to educate its members and the public about issues in this field, to foster critical discussion toward a greater realization of refugee rights, and to stimulate legal and policy advocacy on behalf of refugees worldwide. To effect these goals, the committee seeks to host programs and conferences; advise section members on news and legal developments; issue written comments and analyses on the implications of U.S. laws and policies for international refugee rights; provide networking opportunities; participate in governmental and international forums; and promote refugee rights at the international level.



The IRLC will be hosting their next monthly teleconference, for the dial-in information, please e-mail us at

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The International Refugee Law Committee recently announced the release of "The Refuge" Newsletter and Hot Topics Digest.

"The Refuge" is accepting submissions on refugee and asylum topics; the monthly cutoff is the 20th. Contact the editors at

The Hot Topics Digest is a bi-weekly e-mail sent to the IRLC's listserv, apprised of news and events related to international refugee law. To share input on the digest, please send emails to with the subject line "Hot Topics Digest".



May 15th: The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments, for the Justice Department's appeal in favor of President Trump's travel ban. This is the second time that the 9th Circuit has been tasked with deciding the fate of the President's executive order. In February, Judge Robart in Seattle halted the original travel ban nationwide, and a three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit declined to reinstate it.

April 12th: The state of Hawaii wants an 11-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to consider whether to lift a hold on President Trump’s revised travel ban. The 4th Circuit plans to consider Trump’s order temporarily barring travelers from six predominantly Muslim nations on May 8. The 9th Circuit has scheduled a hearing on the Hawaii case for May 15 in Seattle.

March 15th: Two federal judges rule against President Trump's revised travel ban. A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order blocking the executive order. A second federal judge in Maryland ruled against Mr. Trump with a separate order forbidding the core provision of the travel ban from going into effect.

February 13th: Judge Leonie Brinkema of the Eastern District of Virginia issued a preliminary injunction for Virginia residents only, asserting that the President's executive order violates First Amendment prohibitions on favoring one religion over another.

February 9th: Full Text of the Ninth Circuit's order affirming the Washington judge's nationwide stay on President Trump's immigration order.

February 7th: The Ninth Circuit hears oral arguments (full audio) on the government's appeal of the lower court decision to halt the President's travel ban.

February 3rd: Judge James Robart in Seattle orders nationwide halt to enforcement of Trump’s immigration order (full video).

January 28th: The full text of Judge Ann Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York order blocking part of President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

January 27th: Full Text of President Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Refugees into the U.S.



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