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International Anti-Corruption Committee

Welcome to the Anti-Corruption Committee

Welcome to the Anti-Corruption Committee. The Committee seeks to facilitate efforts to deter corruption and promote transparency, the rule of law and compliance through dialogue and the exchange of ideas across both foreign and domestic industries, organizations and countries

We are looking forward to working with you to make 2018 the best year yet, and strongly encourage committee members to publish with us, propose programs and policy initiatives, and participate in the discussion of newsworthy industry developments and topics of interest through our monthly calls. If you are not already a member, we invite you to join our Committee today!

CoChairs Roberto Bauza, Frank Fariello and Corinne Lammers

Programs, Meetings & Events

Committee Events

Monthly Committee Calls

This Committee generally holds monthly calls the third Thursday of every month at noon EST. Contact Co-chairs for dial-in information.


Committee Newsletter
Want to contribute an article to a future issue of the newsletter? Submit an article between 500 and 3,000 words that addresses an international anti-corruption issue. No footnotes please(though hyperlinks to sources are encouraged). Please include a one sentence bio as well. Submissions may be sent to Jessica Tillipman at

The deadline for the Spring 2018 Newsletter is April 13, 2018.

Section Events

    International 101 Bootcamp

    JW Marriott Marquis

    The ABA Section of International Law is pleased to offer its next series in the International Law Bootcamp Program, an engaging presentation that will provide a practical overview of how international law impacts legal practice across several areas, including: Contracts Litigation Ethics Anti-Corruption ...

    Comparative Methodology and Attribution in Cyber Operations


    A major issue in responding to Cyber Operations is the question of attribution. As with rules of engagement in combat, both law and policy have assumed stringent requirements of positive identification of adversaries. This is a very hard standard to meet in the world of cyberspace where actors usually ...

    10th Annual Moscow Conference on the Resolution of International Business Disputes


    The ABA Section of International Law is partnering with Russian Arbitration Association to host its 10thAnnual Confernece on The Resolution of CIS-Related Business Disputes. We will be handling all credit card payment registrations denominated in USD. If you would like to pay in Rubles or by wire, please ...

Committee Audio Recordings

Click here for MP3 playbacks and full video recordings from our Around the World Series and other recent programs sponsored by the committee.



Bauza, Roberto
Fariello, Frank
Lammers, Corinne


Benton, Leslie
Bohn, Marc
Boswell, Nancy
De Navacelle, Stephane
Greene, Norman
Madubuko, Obiamaka
Robinson, Vivian
Wirz, Severin

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