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International Arbitration Committee

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This committee's activities aim to promote and improve international arbitration as a method of resolving cross-border disputes. The committee emphasizes the development and dissemination of best practices in this field through educational and training programs on procedural and substantive aspects of international arbitration under both institutional and ad hoc rules. The committee is also a platform for publications on international arbitration, and monitors current legislation and case law in order to take, where appropriate, legal and policy positions that are consistent with enhancing the effectiveness of this method of dispute resolution.

Regards, Committee co-chairs

Jose Astigarraga

Steven L. Smith

Committee Events and Other Related Events

2014 ABA Moscow Dispute Resolution Conference

September 19, 2014

Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow

2/1 bid 1 Kutuzovskiy prospekt

Moscow 121248


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Smith, Steven
Blumrosen, Alex


Lowry, Houston
Mullins, Edward
Kalinowski, Matthew
Carminati, Maria-Vittoria
Kuck, Lea
Pitkowitz, Nikolaus
Cicogna, Michelangelo
Profaizer, Joseph
Senn, Mara
McNeill, Mark


Foster, Laurie
Berghoff, Ethan
Liatowitsch, Manuel
Goldstein, Marc
Friedman, Mark
O'Gorman, Kevin

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