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Privacy, E-Commerce and Data Security Committee

Privacy, E-Commerce and Data Security Committee

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Mission Statement

The Privacy, E-Commerce and Data Security Committee has been established as a resource to assist in the education of international law practitioners on the evolving international laws and practices relating to privacy and data protection, in particular as they relate to global e-business, and to contribute to the development of policy and the promotion of the rule of law in those areas.

PEDS Committee Monthly Conference Call

Please note in your agendas that the PEDS Committee's next Conference call is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 10 am New York Time, and 4 pm Paris time. Co-Chair Ken Rashbaum will be hosting.

The Committee's conference call is open to all PEDS members and takes place once a month.

Join fellow PEDS members to learn more about Committee activities and programs, and explore other opportunities to become more active in the PEDS Committee and ABA International.

Please email the co-chairs if you need the dial in details.



Chung, Cecil
Rashbaum, Kenneth
Voss, W


Bauer, Markus
Berne, Brendan
Blum, Renato
Cantarella, Claudia
Choi, Chunghwan
Johnson, Paul
Kim, Kyoung Yeon
Klosek, Jacqueline
Lee, Jai
Lowry, Houston
McGlynn, Daniel
Mozwecz, Jennifer
Santos, Jose
Stewart, David

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