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Section of International Law: International Litigation Committee (Follow Us on Twitter @ABAInternatlLit)

Section of International Law:
International Litigation Committee (Follow Us on Twitter @ABAInternatlLit)

About the Committee

The International Litigation Committee (ILC) provides leadership in the interpretation and development of laws and policies governing international litigation, arbitration, and forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The ILC works to promote the rule of law and to advance the Section's work. It provides a forum for its members to cultivate best practices, to address current issues, and to build relationships with one another. Committee members also evaluate, comment upon, make recommendations about, and initiate proposals to improve national legislation and treaties, and to improve cross-border litigation practices. The ILC's work is as diverse as the Committee's members. Examples of their work include sponsoring and organizing forums and educational conferences, and publishing papers on such topics as service of judicial papers abroad, jurisdiction, litigation-in-aid-of-international-arbitration, conflicts between data protection and privacy laws, and U.S. discovery or other disclosure obligations in international litigation. Additional examples include efforts to gather evidence, international judicial assistance, interim measures and remedies (ordinary and extraordinary), conflicts of laws, anti-suit injunctions and blocking statutes, class actions and collective redress, defense against and enforcement of foreign judgments, comity, sovereign privileges and immunities, governing treaties and domestic laws. The ILC's work can touch upon virtually any substantive litigation issue in almost any jurisdiction.

Committee Policy, Projects, and Publications

Follow the International Litigation Committee on Twitter @ABAInternatlLit

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