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International Securities & Capital Markets Committee

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The International Securities and Capital Markets Committee focuses on national and international laws and regulations dealing with issuance of securities and regulation of capital markets activities. Issues include laws relating to on-line information about issuers; securities issues relating to privatizations, including offering techniques, relationship between economic policy and legal structures for privatizations and the role of legal and financial advisors; regulatory matters concerning derivatives and hybrid securities; SEC requirements for foreign issuers in the U.S.; and SEC and other accounting standards for foreign issuers and cross-border private placements.

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      Protecting Human Rights at the UN: Practice, Mechanisms and Challenges


      This program will provide an overview of UN Mechanisms that protect and monitor Human Rights, with a discussion of practice, common challenges and the various forums and their responsibilities. This is a teleconference-only non-CLE program. Moderator: Ginna Anderson , ABA Justice Defenders Speaker: ...

      Jesner v. Arab Bank - The Future of Corporate Liability under The Alien Tort Statute


      Jesner v. Arab Bank is the international human rights blockbuster case of the decade. Jordan's Arab Bank, described by USAID, Oxfam, Save the Children, and Catholic Relief as an important partner in the socioeconomic development of the Middle East, is accused by Israeli victims of funding terrorist attacks ...

      Employment Law World Tour: Employment Law in Nigeria


      The SIL Employment Committee is embarking on a World Tour of employment law! Our members have volunteered to share their expertise on employment law in their jurisdictions through quick, focused teleconferences that will occur on a regular basis during the 2017/18 season. The teleconferences will follow ...

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