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Mission Statement

The Asia Pacific Committee encompasses and supports more than 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region situated in the northern and southern hemispheres. Our Committee brings together many countries by sharing knowledge through reviewing and analyzing legal issues and policies, participating in legal reform with the effects felt in the region and beyond, and hosting social and business networking events. The Committee also organizes and co-sponsors educational programs that cross many borders and are relevant to Asia Pacific practice areas. By operating in many countries, the Committee acts as a link for the ABA, local bar associations and legal practitioners around the world.

Letter from the Co-Chairs

On behalf of our Committee leadership, welcome to our homepage!

This is an exciting time for lawyers, professionals, scholars and other visitors who share our interest in the Asia-Pacific region. Characterized by extraordinary diversity, countries in the region are at the forefront of development and globalization. The Asia Pacific Committee is an incredibly diverse group. Our broad focus allows members to cross-borders with ease to understand the laws in many countries and how they may affect businesses operating there. A valuable tool of our Committee is having an open-door to a network of legal professionals working in the vast Asia Pacific region.

The Section of International Law has more than 22,000 members and 74 committees and all members are allowed to be a part of as many committees as one chooses. All members are encouraged to join and get involved with committees having a specific focus on their practice area or an area in which they seek to expand their practice. To gain access to discussions on relevant issues, we invite you to join our country listserves.

If you are not a member of the Section of International Law (or the Asia Pacific Committee), we encourage you to join. For attorneys (US and foreign licensed), law students and friends of the legal profession, there are membership and leadership opportunities available. Although the ABA is an American association, a significant percent of the Section of International Law’s members are not US qualified attorneys.

We would welcome your involvement with our Committee and encourage you to join, attend or participate in our projects and programs, to enjoy reading or even being a contributing author to one of our publications, or to peruse our website often for updates. If you would like to become more familiar with our Committee’s offerings, simply contact one of the co-chairs for more information.


Jai Lee,

Raj Barot,

Co-Chairs, Asia Pacific Committee, ABA Section of International Law

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Barot, Raj
Lee, Jai


Baird, Matthew
Berger, James
Bjornbak, Qiang
Cant, Richard
Gupta, Satyajit
Hernandez-Colet, Gerard
McCandless, Sandra
McNeil, Malcolm
Patterson, Mark
Persaud, Justin
Shin, Philippe
Wilson, Deanne
Young, Daniel


Choi, Chunghwan
Kaptzan, Robin

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Programs, Meetings & Events

Section Events

    Steel / Aluminum Tariffs – Key Compliance and Other Considerations for Companies and their Lawyers


    The steel and aluminum tariffs were announced on March 8, 2018. This program will discuss: The latest news about how the steel and aluminum tariffs apply; The enforcement methods Customs and Border Protection is likely to implement; The grounds for any exclusions being granted to U.S. trading partners; ...

    Employment Law World Tour: Employment Law in Turkey


    The SIL Employment Committee is embarking on a World Tour of employment law! Our members have volunteered to share their expertise on employment law in their jurisdictions through quick, focused teleconferences that will occur on a regular basis during the 2017/18 season. The teleconferences will follow ...

    First Ever Encryption Happy Hour!


    Come join BIS's Aaron Amundson over a drink (wine or beer or tea or coffee) and snack and learn about US encryption export controls. Aaron will NOT cover the basics but will update practitioners on what has changed over the last few years including such fascinating topics as: What happened to Note ...

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