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Section of International Law:
International Employment Law Committee

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The ever evolving globalized workplace requires deep knowledge of human resources laws and practices around the world. The International Employment Law Committee provides a platform for thought leadership and expertise on key issues and developments in international employment law. In addition to traditional areas of focus, for example management of cross border human resources, overseas assignments, mergers and acquisitions, dismissals and litigation, the committee also works alongside other committees in areas such as data protection, immigration, bribery and corruption. This commitee seeks to demystify international employment laws around the world by helping attorneys, human resource specialists, and businesses better understand the employment law challenges they face when doing business outside the United States. Our experienced members are not only knowledgeable in the local laws but also teleconference monthly, publishes an informative newsletter quarterly, sponsors frequent panels at the Section's Fall and Winter meetings, and conducts periodic stand-alone webinars and teleconferences on hot international employment law topics.

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Dear All,

I am delighted to share with you our 2013 Year in Review in matters

relating to Labour Law; our submission includes contributions from France,

Hong-Kong, Italy, Mexico, the People's Republic of China, Singapore, Spain,

the Gulf Cooperation Council Member States and the United Kingdom.

(See the uploaded file in Publications: ABA - Year In Review 2013.pdf)

Again, I would like to thank the contributors for their articles especially

given the short deadline!

Very warm wishes to all for the holidays and the New Year.

Kind regards,

Roselyn & Anna

Global Employment Law

We are the International Employment Law Committee committee.

Programs, Meetings and Events

Committee Events

Washington, DC 2013 Spring Meeting

April 23, 2013 - April 27, 2013
Join our committee programs:
Tue, 4/23, 2:20-3:50p: Ethical Red Flags in International Law Practice - Advising Clients and Protecting Your Reputation
Wed, 4/24, 9-10.30a: Déjà vu? The Immigration Debate After the US Election: Where Do We Go From Here?
Wed, 4/24, 2.30-4p: Social Media in the Workplace - Employer Interests vs. Employee Rights;
Wed, 4/24, 4.30-6p: Still Lost in the Clouds - Controlling Company Data on Employees' Personal Devices in the Age of Readily Available Cloud Storage
Section Events

    Kleptocracy, Natural Resources, Communities, & Capacity Building


    08:00 Washington, DC / 14:00 Paris / 19:00 Bangkok & Jakarta / 22:00 Sydney The ABA Section of International Law International Anti-Corruption Committee and the ABA Rule of Law Initiative invite you to join a teleconference discussion on the effects of kleptocracy and other forms of corruption on local ...

    The HNW Same Sex Family: Going Global


    The event will be held on 04/09/2015 - 04/11/2015. The format is In-Person. The event sponsor(s) are Section of International Law. The event has 0.00 CLE Credits .

    GCR Live 2nd Annual IP and Antitrust USA


    The event will be held on 04/14/2015. The format is In-Person. The event sponsor(s) are Section of International Law. The event has 0.00 CLE Credits .



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Sands, Roselyn


Berkowitz, Philip
Colquhoun, Helen
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Hultsch, Christina
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Zipkin, Baba

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