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Section of International Law: Transnational Legal Practice Committee

Section of International Law:
Transnational Legal Practice Committee

About the Committee

The committee reviews the various policy and practical issues affecting global cross-border legal practice. With respect to "inbound" services, the committee studies and encourages alternative methods to allow foreign lawyers to offer legal services in the U.S. With respect to "outbound" services, the committee investigates new ways in which foreign countries can deal with U.S. lawyers practicing in their jurisdictions. Additionally, the committee interacts with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representatives in its negotiations of treaty terms affecting cross-border legal services as well as with U.S. regulators to reduce obstacles to multijurisdictional practice.

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Dinner-Debate on International Practice Strategies

The Committee hosted a great event during the Annual Meeting in Boston, drawing in dozens of bar leaders and international lawyers from several continents. The event began with a Legal Walking Tour of downtown Boston, during which participants learned about some interesting sites of historical and modern significance to the legal profession.

The Dinner-Debate began with a rousing introduction by Fred Lipp of Bernstein Shur LLP (Portland Maine), who focused on how globalization is impacting the whole spectrum of clients, not just large multinationals. Fred was followed by Janis Nordstrom of Foley Lardner LLP, who accentuated the importance of trust and “the right fit” between lawyers and firms collaborating on behalf of their clients.

Round two was led by Abe Schear of Arnall Golden Gregory. Abe described his Firm’s success in acting as an entry point to investors in the US and their legal representatives, highlighting that formal alliances did not always permit the ideal matching of services with client needs. Hermann Knott then relayed the thoughts of Rob Millard of Venturis Consulting (a law firm strategy specialist), who unfortunately was unable to attend the event in person.

The Dinner-Debate concluded with round three, with Stephen Denyer highlighting the openness of the London legal market. Stephen pointed out the benefits of a regulatory regime which encourages innovation and flexibility in helping lawyers and law firms serve their clients’ cross-border needs. Jonathan Goldsmith echoed these sentiments in relation to the efforts of the European bar councils and law societies to promote liberalization of the legal practice and a pragmatic approach to cross-border lawyering.

All together the event was a great way for the Committee to close out a successful year and launch another year of exciting programming and involvement in the Section.

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Hayaux-Du-Tilly, Yves
Knott, Hermann


Hansen, Timothy
Nordstrom, Janis
Staal, Eric

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Committee Events

BRICs in the Wall? Offering Legal Services in Brazil, Russia, India and China

May 4, 2007
This program addresses the challenges of navigating the professional ethical rules in some of the key emerging markets worldwide. The panelists comprise both local lawyers and regulators as well as expat lawyers practicing in the particular jurisdiction. The focus of each panel's discussion will be on questions such as:
1) what rules apply to the practice of law in each country, particularly for foreign lawyers?
2) what practical steps must a foreign lawyer take to avoid breaching any professional rules?
3) what is the country’s obligations, if any, under the GATS Treaty or other multilateral/bilateral agreements?
4) what has the experience been of foreign lawyers attempting to provide services in these countries?

South of the Border

Modeled on the BRIC series (see above), this program addresses the challenges of navigating the professional ethical rules in some of the key South American countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.
Section Events

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    Food Safety Modernization Act Regulations.


    In-Person Event at:The American Bar Association 1050 Connecticut Ave., NW Suite 570 Washington, DC 20036 Dominic Veneziano, Chief, Import Operations, of the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration will discuss the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and recent implementing regulations and the impact on the ...

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