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Often we find ourselves asking, "what kind of difference can I make?" "how can I make a difference?" or even "is this really going to help in the grand scheme?" We here at the Law in Public Service Committee (LIPS) believe that just a little bit of a time, energy, and grit will make all the difference in the world, whether it is providing food for those that can't afford it, working with children on educational projects, or working with veterans to help them reintegrate and find meaningful and fulfilling employment after being deployed overseas.

Hello, I'm Kat Statman, the Chair of LIPS and I welcome and encourage you to join your TIPS family and come see what kind of difference you can make.

To give you some insight, LIPS coordinates and organizes hands-on public service projects at each TIPS meeting throughout the year. As the philanthropic arm of TIPS, we coordinate projects including working with the homeless, the hungry, at risk pre-schoolers, adults who can't read, veterans in need of job and resume guidance, and the list goes on.

We want to work with us to make a difference. These hands-on opportunities require no advance planning by you, no long-term commitment. You just need to get involved. The work is rewarding, both professionally and personally. LIPS provides you the opportunities. All you need to do, is join us!

LIPS also does more than coordinate public service and legal pro bono projects with the Section's General & Special Standing Committees and other ABA Sections. It serves as the TIPS liaison to the ABA Consortium on Legal Services and the Public as well as other ABA Commissions and Committees. LIPS also coordinates the selection of the recipient of the Edmund Muskie Pro Bono Award, which is an award that honors an individual's exemplary public service work. If you know a deserving Muskie Award candidate, let LIPS know.

If you want to get involved and make a difference, please contact me at and we will get you connected! If you want to help by identifying a project for a future meeting because you have a great idea, please contact me!

Kat Statman
Chair, TIPS Law in Public Service Committee


  • Law In Public Service Committee's Public Service Projects Over the Years - PDF
  • the Law In Public Service Committee Information - PDF
  • LIPS Domestic Violence Screening Card Project - PDF

Please click below for the Law in Public Service award nomination forms.

The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section is proud to participate in the following public service projects. As long as no changes are made to text of the brochures, ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section will allow the brochures to be downloaded, printed and distributed free of charge.

  • TIPS Domestic Violence screening card - PDF

  • Commission on Domestic Violence's screening tool - PDF

  • Information regarding ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) - PDF

  • Tips to Protect yourself from Identity Theft and what to do if it happens to you - PDF.

  • Information about and regarding choosing a nursing home. What you need to know - PDF

  • Domestic Violence Safety Plan and Tips for You and Your Family Brochure FOR COPIES: download the selected document and print. NOTE: These are double sided dcouments. English version - PDF Spanish version - PDF Chinese version - PDF Japanese version - PDF Korean version - PDF Vietnamese version - PDF

  • Guide to Bed Safety Brochure



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Highlighted Project

Meals of Hope

TIPS Law in Public Service Committee is partnering with Meals of Hope meal-packing program to provide nutritious, balanced meals to local communities. Volunteers will package 12,000 meals benefiting areas devastated by Hurricane Irma. Casual attire is recommended. Complimentary t-shirts will be distributed at the start of the event. Volunteers are encouraged to sign-up prior to the project and should plan to meet day-of at the Ritz-Carlton. All ages welcome.

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Domestic Violence Safety Plan and Tips for You and Your Family Brochure FOR COPIES: download the selected document and print. NOTE: These are double sided dcouments.

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