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Special Standing Committees: Diversity and Inclusion

Special Standing Committees:
Diversity and Inclusion

Committee Goals

The function of the TIPS Standing Committee on Diversity in the Profession is to promote involvement of attorneys of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, women attorneys, attorneys with disabilities and attorneys who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans gender into the membership and leadership of the Section and to promote greater awareness and appreciation of the Section's diversity goals. The Committee will accomplish this goal through publications, CLE programs, networking receptions, assistance to the Section's General Committees and outreach programs on the local and national levels.

Message from the Chair

Greetings! I am honored to be the Chair of the TIPS Diversity Committee and look forward to working with TIPS committees to continue to advance diversity and inclusion within TIPS and the legal profession.

The 2015-16 year is a busy one for our committee. The TIPS Diversity Committee will continue to support TIPS’ diversity goals and serve as a resource for the TIPS General Committees. Some of our work will include publishing a quarterly diversity newsletters and reaching out to middle schools in partnership with the Staff Counsel Committee and LIPS to encourage students to consider pursuing a career in the legal profession. Our committee will also be hosting a diversity webinar later this year. We enjoy having the inaugural TIPS Connect! diversity fellows, Sonya Armfield, Stesha Emmanuel and Tacie Yoon, be an active part of our committee and Section. TIPS Connect! is an initiative that brings leaders from national bar associations and organizations that are committed to the advancement of inclusion in our profession to TIPS to help form a partnership between the organizations. We are accepting applications for the 2016-18 bar year so please help us spread the word about this wonderful opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about our committee and TIPS’ diversity initiatives or would like to get involved, please contact me.

Best regards,

Debbie Yue

Deborah Yue is a partner in the law firm of Gallagher Sharp and concentrates her practice on insurance, business and general liability litigation. She also counsels insurance clients and claims personnel on coverage issues, claims practices and the avoidance of bad faith as well as businesses regarding contracts, entity formation, and other business issues. Her practice is located in Cleveland, Ohio, where she is active in a number of community organizations.

Committee Member Spotlight

John Francis Stephens
Partner with Sedgwick LLP
TIPS Member since 2000

Why do you believe Diversity important to TIPS?
It is essential as diversity is our future and our destiny. We are a diverse nation and all aspects of the US including the legal profession must embrace diversity. For some change is hard, but we in TIPS should welcome the change and lead by example. TIPS has been doing some great work to further the ABA goals of diversity. The Diversity Committee has been spearheading a lot of that work.

What is your favorite/best memory thing about working on this committee?
Producing the Diversity Video. It was challenging, interesting and a lot of fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. And I met so many professionals dedicated to diversity in the legal profession. I found the experience inspiring.

What does “success” look like for this committee?
Success means no more Diversity Committee as it will be unnecessary. I would like to think we are not that far away from that vision, and it is achievable.

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TIPS Connect! Fellowship - Deadline July 22, 2016

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