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Task Force on Outreach to Young Lawyers

Task Force on Outreach to Young Lawyers

Chair's Welcome

Welcome new and young lawyers to your new home - the Committee on Outreach to Young Lawyers of the ABA’s Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section (“TIPS”). Our committee is comprised of a fun, diverse, and engaging group of attorneys who practice in various entities throughout the country including plaintiffs, defense, solo, in-house, government, academia, and insurance staff counsel. Our mission is to: (1) increase new and young lawyer membership within TIPS; (2) enhance the participation of young lawyers within TIPS through leadership, practice development, and networking opportunities; and (3) provide a forum for discussion of issues that affect young lawyers of tomorrow. Our ultimate goal is to help young lawyers add value to their personal careers and organizations by using all that TIPS has to offer for business and career development and networking.

We have fantastic in-person and teleconference continuing education programs throughout the year that are focused on areas of importance to new and young lawyers. Many of these programs are audio recorded and available to you even if you are not able to attend the in-person programs. Just as important, we offer welcoming, fun, social gatherings to interact and connect with TIPS members as well as other ABA sections and divisions, including the ABA Young Lawyers Division.

Remember that this is your committee. I welcome your input, suggestions, and creative ideas. Our Committee meets quarterly in person, and holds periodic telephone conference calls between meetings. You are welcome – and encouraged – to attend all of our in-person and conference call meetings. TIPS actively uses social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can keep abreast of important events by following our Twitter handle @ABATIPS. Our website and social media are designed to inform you of our activities and meetings/events and to offer an interactive forum that enhances your participation in TIPS. We have also posted a number of articles on a variety of topics of particular relevance to young lawyers, their practices and personal lives.

With regard to professional development, we continue to work closely with numerous ABA/YLD substantive committees and have appointed various liaisons/representatives from the corresponding TIPS Committees to facilitate this interaction. These substantive committees are an excellent way to gain knowledge and skills relevant to your practice area while networking with lawyers of all experience levels, including some of the best in the country.

As you can see, there are numerous opportunities to get involved through our Task Force and in TIPS. To learn more about TIPS, its Committees – and to sign up to join us as a member – please see our new TIPS brochure which was specifically designed for young lawyers. You can access it by Clicking Here.

I am very honored and excited to serve as your Chair, and very encouraged about the future of TIPS, and of our members. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or would otherwise like to discuss what we are doing or your involvement. We look forward to working with you!

LaTanishia Watters

About Young Lawyers

The Tort Trial & Insurance practice has many exciting young lawyers empowering the section. They have become instrumental in the sections books, publications and CLE's. Our young lawyers are headed for leadership positions among the many TIPS committees. They attend the many meetings and events while learning and networking with the best lawyers in the United States.

The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) is one of the leading ABA Sections for the placement of young lawyers in leadership positions. TIPS leadership continues to demonstrate its commitment to the development and recruitment of young lawyers. This Section does more than just talk about young lawyers - we act.

We encourage our Young Lawyers to apply for the TIPS Now scholarship. TIPS NOW! is a leadership initiative that brings young leaders into TIPS. Learn more about TIPS NOW!

Articles of Interest to Young Lawyers

The Committee On Outreach to Young Lawyers of the Tort Trial Insurance Practice Section is pleased to provide the following collection of articles that we are confident young lawyers in a variety of areas will find interesting and invaluable to their practices.

Topics are wide-ranging, from perfecting the part-time schedule to constructing your closing argument. We hope you find these resources inspiring. Click below on the title of the article to view the entire article or to download it. If you have written an article that you think would be a worthwhile resource to young lawyers and would like to see it posted here, contact LaTanishia Watters, the Committee Chair.

About the TIPS Committee on Outreach to Young Lawyers

The Committee on Outreach to Young Lawyers is responsible for facilitating and recruiting membership and participation of young lawyers in TIPS and in developing leadership opportunities for young lawyers in the Section by providing a forum for young lawyers to learn about and become involved in TIPS and Section Governance.

TIPS NOW! Fellows

Charles Coffey, Megan Coluccio, Mareesa Dittle, Janelle Edwards-Stewart, Anthony Kuchulis, David McNeal, Daedrea Fenwick, Nicholas Wittenberg

Social Media

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    Watters, Latanishia

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    The Task Force is assisting the ABA YLD with a year long practice series (2013-2014) of CLEs entitled Anatomy of ADR. Please visit the ABA YLD website for the most up to date information on dates and times for this series. On September 13, 2011, the Task Force presented a national telephonic CLE on Effective Oral Advocacy, Opening Statements and Closing Arguments. This 90 minute substantive CLE provided some practical techniques, insights and suggestions on how to effectively persuade your audience.

    Chuck Eppolito, on behalf of TIPS and through the Section's Task Force on Outreach to Young Lawyers (which he chairs), presented a CLE program at the ABA/YLD Spring Conference in Las Vegas, NV on May 13, 2011, entitled 'The Art of Oral Advocacy: Opening Statements and Closing Arguments.' Jake Downs, a member of the Task Force, was also a presenter. The seminar was very well attended and the attendees reported it to be a very educational and inspiring CLE. Please access the written materials through the following link: Read the materials

    On October 18, 2010, the Task Force on Outreach to Young Lawyers presented an outstanding national telephonic program, entitled 'Voir Dire: It's Not Jury Selection.' Three nationally renowned experienced trial lawyers discussed the newest techniques for effective jury voir dire, including identifying potential jurors who will be unfavorable to you or your client.

    Plaintiff?s and defense lawyers shared their secrets to success about how to establish credibility with jurors as you inquire about their biases and prejudices. They discussed humanizing corporate clients by using corporate decision makers and explaining corporate concepts, and using juror questionnaires, internet technology and other social media to your advantage. Participants in the program had an opportunity to ask questions and further explore this very important aspect of litigation.


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