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Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section: Plaintiffs Policy Task Force

Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section:
Plaintiffs Policy Task Force

Message From The Chair

Welcome to the Plaintiff’s Policy Task Force of the American Bar Association’s Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (TIPS).

My name is Richard Rosen and I am flattered to have been named Chair of the Task Force. I have maintained a Plaintiff’s practice in Charleston, South Carolina for over forty years and am a Member in a law firm of 13 lawyers who practice law in the areas of Personal Injury, Products Liability, Construction Litigation, Trust & Estate Litigation and General Business Law.

The Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section of the ABA provides attorneys the resources to improve our ability to represent our clients and the opportunity to network with other lawyers from various practice settings including plaintiffs, defense and corporate and insurance company counsel.

The Plaintiff’s Policy Task Force seeks to advance the cause of justice and access to justice by monitoring current and pending legislation, rulemaking and political trends. The Task Force is interested in creating a level playing field so that our clients who are plaintiffs, and frequently lack the resources to pay lawyer hourly fees, can nevertheless have their day in court.

Among matters we have considered and debated are proposed changes to the venue rules for unincorporated associations, the Federal Rules on class actions, the lack of attorney voir dire in many Federal courts, and the efforts to curtail the individual’s rights to a day in court by imposing onerous arbitration clauses in contracts of adhesion. The Task Force has urged TIPS and other ABA members to comment on proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and comment on proposed Rule changes suggested by other Sections of the ABA in addition to sponsoring the Task Force’s own policy proposals for adoption by the ABA House of Delegates.

As noted by my predecessor, Fletcher Handley, we deal with the continued imposition of political campaign money poured into every conceivable election in order to influence the outcome of litigation in various courts throughout the nation. Efforts are constantly underway in the name of “Tort Reform” to eliminate or severely constrict the rights of individuals to seek reparations and justice in the courts of this nation.

If you would like to get involved please do not hesitate to join us at an upcoming TIPS meeting or email me at
Richard S. Rosen
Rosen, Rosen & Hagood, LLC
151 Meeting Street, Suite 400
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 577-6726
(843) 724-8036 (facsimile)

Chair, 2015-2016
Plaintiff’s Policy Task Force
Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section
American Bar Association

Who We Are

We are the attorney members of the American Bar Association who represent consumers, insureds and victims of negligence, defective products, and professional liability. We seek to strengthen the role and maintain the independence of juries and judges in resolving civil disputes. We are also dedicated to preserving and expanding individual rights and liberties.

As ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Section members, we provide balance to a national organization that is diverse in many ways, and not simply a trade group for the insurance industry. We actively promote leadership throughout the ABA and TIPS for plaintiffs' lawyers, and coordinate our efforts with other consumer justice organizations.

Our task force selects the "Pursuit of Justice" Award recipients with approval of TIPS Council, to recognize the finest local lawyers and judges where we meet who exemplify our goals.

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      New Localism and Marijuana: What does the future promise?


      The event will be held on 07/17/2018. The format is Web. The event sponsor(s) are ABACLE,Center For Professional Responsibility,Law Practice Division,Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section,Section of State and Local Government Law. The event has 1.50 CLE Credits .

      Property Insurance Claims After Disasters


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      Bumps in the Night: Cybersecurity Legal Requirements, Government Enforcement, and Litigation


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    Pursuit of Justice Awards

    The Task Force recommends recipients of the Pursuit of Justice Award for approval by TIPS Council. Through this award, we recognize local attorneys at TIPS meeting locations who have shown outstanding merit and excelled in ensuring access to Justice.

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