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Welcome! The Education Committee's mission is to protect and advance: 1) the right of equal access and opportunity to public education for all people; 2) the rights and responsibilities of students, parents, teachers and administrators within the public school system; and 3) an understanding of civic responsibility within the public education system.

To accomplish these goals the Committee works both independently and through partnerships with interested entities within and without the ABA, to develop, support and promote policies safeguarding the right to public education for all on equal terms. The Committee also works with partners to sponsor and/or create forums for discussion of public education issues within the legal community and the general public, as well as design programs to educate students, parents and teachers in their civic rights and responsibilities.

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Committee Projects

The following summary is meant to provide a spring board from which to develop specific initiatives that the ABA or other concerned entities can advocate both regionally and at a national, congressional level.

The following report was compiled under the auspices of the Education Committee as an effort to assist those deciding whether to promote a right to quality education and to provide guidance for federal programs encouraging or attempting to mandate certain educational standards. The project originally envisioned multiple focus groups which would relate findings then to be compiled based on overlapping results. However this report summarizes the finding of one task force formed to include diverse racial, economic, gender and age perspectives. Those interested in forming new or additional focus groups are invited to do so by using the guidelines: "Outline for Establishing and Running Right to Quality Education Focus Groups" also posted on this website.

Report - Focus Group Findings - Core Elements to a Right to Quality Education Defined.

Outline for Establishing and Running Right to Quality Education Focus Groups.

Report - Focus Group Findings - 08/31/2016 Report by Ayan Islam

- Focus Group Findings - January 2016 Report by Krista Galleberg

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