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The mission of the Immigration Law Committee is to provide information, education and a forum for immigration issues as they relate to labor and employment law.

As enforcement efforts by the various federal agencies regulating immigration law have increased tremendously over the past decade, those practicing labor and employment law have an ever expanding need to become familiar with immigration regulations and agency trends. To properly advise your clients, whether from the management or labor perspective, understanding this fast-paced and ever-evolving field is an increasingly daunting task.

Labor practitioners need to know about the interplay between immigration status (and how it relates to national origin and ethnicity) and discrimination law. Plaintiff's lawyers need to be well versed in the intricate differences between citizenship status and national origin discrimination. Management lawyers need to be aware as to how best counsel their clients to avoid mistakes and defend against any claims that arise from them before they occur. Of equal importance is how the government is enforcing these laws, and how does the EEOC work with the Office of Special Counsel in prosecutions.

Finally, as more and more states start creating and enforcing their own immigration laws, labor and employment counsel must understand the interplay between state and federal enforcement as well as the intricacies of employing foreign nationals in multiple jurisdictions.

Whether faced with a difficult E-Verify dilemma, an investigation by the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division or an action brought through the Office of Special Counsel, the Immigration Committee prides itself on preparing its members. The true purpose of the Committee is to educate labor and employment lawyers on how to spot immigration-related issues, search the appropriate resources and best advise their clients.

It is the hope and intention of the Immigration Committee to become more active and recognizable in the Labor and Employment Law section over the coming years. This goal will be fulfilled by providing seminars at the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conferences that provide direct access to government agencies and guidance from experienced practitioners.

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