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Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources

Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources

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Department of Defense Strategies for Energy Resilience
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The U.S. Department of Defense has prioritized the deployment of reliable, renewable electricity to reduce the vulnerability of its installations from disruptions to the electric grid and enhance mission effectiveness. As the military services make progress in achieving their 1 GW renewable energy targets, there is increasing interest in integrating ancillary service technologies that further improve the energy resilience of installations, such as microgrids, battery storage, and fuel cells. This webinar will assess how DoD is developing guidance on energy resilience and identify private sector recommendations on how to deploy and provide third-party financing for such systems.

The programming is open to ACORE members, ABA members, BNEF subscribers and all those involved in aspects of law, policy, business, or financing in the renewable energy or distributed generation fields. You can find more information about the webinar at

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RADER Initiatives

The RADER Committee is proud to present the monthly Renewable Energy Seminar and Teleconference Series, which RADER co-sponsors in collaboration with the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) and Bloomberg Renewable Energy Finance. These monthly seminars provide an opportunity to network and discuss the subject matter with renewable energy lawyers, federal and state policy makers, and business experts. We hope you will join us for the next program in this series. For more information on the next program and for registration information, please visit For additional information about this series, please contact Roger Stark, Gene Gurevich, Matthew Frank and Grant Rauscher, our ABA/ACORE/BNEF Webinars Vice Chairs.

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The Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources (RADER) Committee will examine and disseminate information on those legal policy and practical implementation issues which affect expansion of markets for renewable and distributed energy resources. The Committee will have five primary areas of focus: (1) innovative approaches to stimulating renewable and distributed energy resource development; (2) measures for commoditization and value maximization of fuel, environment and tax-related legal at-tributes of renewable energy and distributed generation production; (3) constraints on fitting renewable resources and distributed generation (whether or not powered by renewable fuels) into the framework of national and states' energy policy; (4) relating renewable energy resource and distributed generation development to environmental legal requirements; and (5) issues related to structuring finance for renewable energy and distributed generation.

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