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Environmental Transactions and Brownfields

Call for Newsletter Articles

Fellow ETABers:

This is to solicit from you examples of your sterling writing for our next newsletter, which we’re hoping will hit the e-street by this summer. Anything in the realm of environmental transactions and brownfields is fair game. You know you’ve been itching to share your knowledge re: the latest developments in these arenas with your peers; here’s your big chance. Our newsletter has a wide circulation: ETAB’s circulation list now boasts 456 members, and links to the past month's SEER Committee newsletters are included in the monthly Section e-news, which is distributed to Section members. ‬Plus‪, recent Committee newsletters are listed on on the Section's homepage, printed copies are displayed at Section programs such as the Spring and Fall conferences, and‬ links to Committee newsletters are posted on the‪ Section’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and sometimes to the Section’s LinkedIn discussion group. Republication of articles first published elsewhere is not ‬encouraged‪, but is certainly an option. The better we inform each other, the better practitioners we'll be (not to mention the glory that will envelop you for publication in such a periodical). To give you a sense of what’s been covered, here’s a list of our newsletter topics going back to December 2012:‬

‪New ASTM Standard Practice for Phase I Site Assessments‬
‪The North Carolina Brownfields Program‬
‪What Is So Great About a “No Further Remediation” Letter Anyway?‬
‪Indemnity Provisions for Environmental Liability: The Devil Is in the Contractual Details‬
‪CERCLA Owner Liability for Tenants—EPA Clears the Air‬
‪Uncertainty over Potential Vapor Intrusion Complicates Closing Transactions Current Topics in Brownfield Development‬
‪About-Face: How An Environmentally Conscious Northeast State Has Moved One Giant Step Closer to Becoming a Metallic Mineral Mining State‬
‪10 Fundamental Things You Should Know About Vapor Intrusion Health Risk Assessment‬
‪Selling “As Is” in a Contaminated World‬

‪Should you feel the slightest tickle in your word processing trigger finger to submit something, please don't hesitate. Contact us at, and We look forward to hearing from you.‬

‪Your co-editors,‬
‪Tom Doyle, Lindsay Howard, Rob Gelblum‬

Committee Description

The ETAB Committee works on environmental issues that arise in business, energy or real estate transactions, including M&A deals, asset-based transactions, fossil and renewable energy projects, and remediation and redevelopment of brownfields. Substantive areas include: liability protection, transfer and apportionment; parent/successor liability; lender liability; insurance; incentive programs (e.g., VCPs, BCPs, S-RECs, TIFs); deal structure and finance.

Committee Resources

Law of Green Buildings, The: Regulatory and Legal Issues in Design, Construction, Operations and Financing
Buildings and the built environment use vast amounts of energy and other resources in construction, operation, and demolition. In 2009, the residentia... more

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Chair:  Jon Schuyler Brooks

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