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Environmental Transactions and Brownfields

Call for Newsletter Articles

Fellow ETABers:

This is to solicit from you examples of your sterling writing for our next newsletter, which we’re hoping will hit the e-street by this summer. Anything in the realm of environmental transactions and brownfields is fair game. You know you’ve been itching to share your knowledge re: the latest developments in these arenas with your peers; here’s your big chance. Our newsletter has a wide circulation: ETAB’s circulation list now boasts 456 members, and links to the past month's SEER Committee newsletters are included in the monthly Section e-news, which is distributed to Section members. ‬Plus‪, recent Committee newsletters are listed on on the Section's homepage, printed copies are displayed at Section programs such as the Spring and Fall conferences, and‬ links to Committee newsletters are posted on the‪ Section’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and sometimes to the Section’s LinkedIn discussion group. Republication of articles first published elsewhere is not ‬encouraged‪, but is certainly an option. The better we inform each other, the better practitioners we'll be (not to mention the glory that will envelop you for publication in such a periodical). To give you a sense of what’s been covered, here’s a list of our newsletter topics going back to December 2012:‬

‪New ASTM Standard Practice for Phase I Site Assessments‬
‪The North Carolina Brownfields Program‬
‪What Is So Great About a “No Further Remediation” Letter Anyway?‬
‪Indemnity Provisions for Environmental Liability: The Devil Is in the Contractual Details‬
‪CERCLA Owner Liability for Tenants—EPA Clears the Air‬
‪Uncertainty over Potential Vapor Intrusion Complicates Closing Transactions Current Topics in Brownfield Development‬
‪About-Face: How An Environmentally Conscious Northeast State Has Moved One Giant Step Closer to Becoming a Metallic Mineral Mining State‬
‪10 Fundamental Things You Should Know About Vapor Intrusion Health Risk Assessment‬
‪Selling “As Is” in a Contaminated World‬

‪Should you feel the slightest tickle in your word processing trigger finger to submit something, please don't hesitate. Contact us at, and We look forward to hearing from you.‬

‪Your co-editors,‬
‪Tom Doyle, Lindsay Howard, Rob Gelblum‬

Committee Description

The ETAB Committee works on environmental issues that arise in business, energy or real estate transactions, including M&A deals, asset-based transactions, fossil and renewable energy projects, and remediation and redevelopment of brownfields. Substantive areas include: liability protection, transfer and apportionment; parent/successor liability; lender liability; insurance; incentive programs (e.g., VCPs, BCPs, S-RECs, TIFs); deal structure and finance.

Committee Resources

Brownfields: A Comprehensive Guide to Redeveloping Contaminated Property, Third Edition
This updated edition of an ABA bestseller provides a step-by-step, solution-oriented look at the environmental and economic challenges of redeveloping... more

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Chair:  Jon Schuyler Brooks

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