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Message From The Chair

Welcome to new membership year! The Nuclear Law committee focuses on issues related to nuclear power, nuclear materials, nuclear medicine, state regulation of nuclear materials, and federal, state, and tribal relations.

This year, we will focus on two related themes: Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning. Our newsletter and programs will be tied to these two themes, and two of our law-student vice chairs will focus exclusively on these two issues. Our third law-student vice chair will be the assistant editor of our newsletter.

The Committee's vice chairs represent much of the spectrum of diverse backgrounds seen in attorneys working in this field. The vice chairs include private practitioners, federal and state employees, in-house counsel, and law students. In addition to the three law-student vice chairs, we’ve also added a vice chair for public interest to ensure that the Committee’s work considers the contributions of NGOs and other public interest groups to nuclear law.

The Committee intends to be an active participant in the Section's work, especially through newsletter publication, program sponsorship, and regular updates to this website and our LinkedIn group. Please feel free to contact me to learn about more ways that you can be involved with the Committee or with any recommendations.

Tison Campbell

About the Committee

The Nuclear Law Committee focuses on the legal issues related to nuclear power and nuclear materials. Nuclear power is more than just the licensing and operation of power plants--the nuclear fuel cycle also involves fuel production, storage and disposal. Nuclear materials are used to diagnose and treat many types of illness and injury; in industrial and construction applications; and in academia and scientific research.

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Call for Articles

In the past two years, four nuclear power plant licensees announced that they would cease operations and permanently shut down. As a result of these announcements, there has been increased interest in the nuclear reactor decommissioning process. To help members better understand the decommissioning process, the next issue of the Nuclear Law Committee’s Newsletter will focus on issues related to decommissioning.

Articles should be in the range of 700-1000 words long and should discuss a topic related to decommissioning. Longer articles may be accepted, at the editor's discretion. In order to meet our publication goals, please submit article ideas (or let us know you’re interested in writing on a topic and we’ll pick a topic for you) by April 25; initial drafts are due June 6. After we receive and approve your article topic, we will send the ABA publication agreement, article guidelines, and any other information you might need.

Possible article topics for this issue include:

- NRC regulations governing decommissioning nuclear power plants/overview of the process

- Decommissioning nuclear materials facilities

- Decommissioning defense-related materials (military reactors, warships, etc.)

- Decommissioning funding

- Lessons learned in decommissioning U.S. nuclear power plants

- Decommissioning in the courts

- Decommissioning experiences outside of the United States

- Book review

Please feel free to alert anyone who might be interested in drafting an article (whether they are a SEER Committee or ABA member or not). If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Christine Jochim

Vice-Chair, Committee Newsletter

ABA SEER, Nuclear Law Committee


Daniel Straus

Law Student Vice-Chair, Committee Newsletter
ABA SEER, Nuclear Law Committee

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Chair:  Tison Ameden Campbell

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