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Section of Public Contract Law: Bid Protest Committee

Section of Public Contract Law:
Bid Protest Committee


Provides timely information on developments and a forum for discussing significant issues involving the resolution of bid protests within the federal government, including the agencies, the GAO, and judicial forums. Conducts ongoing studies on the efficacy of the system for resolving bid protest of federal agency procurements.

Programs, Meetings & Events

Section Events

    24th Annual Federal Procurement Institute.


    Sponsor(s) Public Contract Law Section Loews Annapolis Hotel 126 West Street Annapolis, MD Brochure Portal Page 24th ANNUAL FEDERAL PROCUREMENT INSTITUTE The upcoming FPI will commence Wednesday, March 14 with an Optional Practicum Session on bid protests, featuring a moot bid ...



Bleicher, Noah
Boland, James
Dungan, Che
Flesch, Scott
Jorgensen, Brad
Mickle, Douglas
Owen, Cherie
Walsh, Brian


Beezley, Aron
Bernstein, Alexis
Carey, Jason
Castellano, Nathaniel
Chiow, Jeffery
Chudd, Daniel
Conant, Amy
Debolt, Paul
Duvall, Joshua
Furin, Timothy
Herzfeld, Daniel
Hommer, J
Khoury, Paul
Kiraly, Stephen
Kraycinovich, Michael
Lasky, Adam
Leavy, Elizabeth
Litteken, Michelle
McCarthy, John
Meier, Luke
Nagel, Christian
Nandivada, Sandeep
Nibley, Stuart
Peyster, James
Pickens, Annejanette
Presley, Ashley
Ries, Mark
Stanford, Brian
Turetzky, Matthew
Vohra, Anuj
Ward, Tara
Weiner, Heather
Weiss, Carla
Windham, Frank
Witwer, Kathryn

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