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The Procurement Lawyer is the Section's quarterly newsletter. It provides the latest news on federal, state and local government procurement and brief articles that discuss common issues and problems facing private sector and government procurement professionals. In doing so, it also strives to provide a balance of views on these topics that is reflective of the Section's diverse membership.

Committee Activities

The Board of Editors meets regularly to discuss articles submitted for publication and recent developments in procurement law and policy on which it may wish to solicit future pieces. Potential articles and topics related to federal, state or local government procurement are always welcome and may be submitted to any member of the Editorial Board at the email addresses listed in each issue, or by telephoning the Editor in Chief, Nicole Owren-Wiest at 202/719-7430.



Avery, W
Buckley, Monica
Burkholder, John
Koprince, Steven
Levy, Herman
Menlove, Taylor
Norwood, Kendra
Owren-Wiest, Nicole
Roth, Howard
Webber, Richard

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