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Section of Intellectual Property Law: USPTO Operations Relating to Trademarks and Ex Parte Trademark Practice

Section of Intellectual Property Law:
USPTO Operations Relating to Trademarks and Ex Parte Trademark Practice

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Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Committee as we start the 2016-2017 ABA year. This is my first year as chair of the committee, and I know that with your help we can make this a productive and rewarding year. Participating in the ABA and the IPL section committees provides each of us the opportunity to serve and make valuable contributions. I am joined this year by returning vice chair, Natalie Swanson and a new vice-chair, Eric Perrott.


Practice before the USPTO with respect to the preparation, filing, and prosecution of trademark applications, the registration of trademarks, and ex parte trademark matters not within the scope of other committees, including:

(1) the administration of the trademark examining operation of the USPTO and its fees and services;

(2) ex parte appeals to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board; and

(3) changes to the TMEP, the TBMP, and the Trademark Rules of Practice.


* Committee Conference Calls - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

We have regularly scheduled conference calls on a committee-wide basis. Please make note of the dates and times, and plan to participate in these discussions. All calls will be from 2-3pm Eastern Time on the fourth Tuesday of each month. We may request additional calls from time to time, but this is a good starting point. Dial-in details and specific agendas will be circulated closer to the scheduled meeting dates.


Policy Monitoring & Emerging Issues

Chair: Carole F. Barrett

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