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Welcome to the Copyright Division

Welcome to the Copyright Division website. Our focus is on copyrights, but because copyright intersects with so much of our daily lives, practices, and industries, our committees address a plethora of issues. In addition, they work collaboratively with other IPL Section committees and other parts of the ABA.

The Copyright Division is composed of nine committees:

We encourage you to join one or more of these committees as they are the easiest and best way to engage with the Division.

The Copyright Division also publishes a weekly Copyright Developments feature, which includes Division news, recently decided copyright cases, legislative developments, and a collection of news stories about copyright. All members of one of the Division's committees already should be receiving their copies via e-mail.

Our hope is to further your understanding of and career in copyrightlaw, as well as to engage you in ABA projects. For more information about the Copyright Division, please feel free to contact Division chair Eric Schwartz, vice chair Mary Rasenberger, Council liaisons Joshua Simmons, Janet Fries and Chris Katopis, or any of the Division's committee leaders.

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Please note: only lawyer members of the ABA-IPL Section are eligible to vote on policy initiatives.



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