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Monthly Teleconference

Join us for our next monthly teleconference on July 30th at 2PM CT.

***If you have a specific topic or question you want to discuss please post at YLAG's Google Docs page: We will be accessing this document during the call. We will leave the doc open even after the call so if anything interesting comes up or you have news to share you have a place to post your thoughts, comments and ideas.

Our monthly calls are generally held on the second Friday of the month. Dial-in information is distributed via the listserv prior to each call (click Join in the right sidebar to be sure you get our listserv emails).

We look forward to speaking with you!

Sharra Brockman, YLAG Chair

Matthew Hintz, YLAG Vice Chair

Items of Interest for YLAG Members

Hack Versus Chat: Conflicting Terms of Use for Mobile Apps

Be sure to check out Chrissie Scelsi's new post at IT-Lex Technology Law 501(c)(3). (Chrissie also blogs on entertainment law on her own blog, The PunkLawyer Blog.)

Careers in IP Law: Avenues and Opportunities

Careers in IP Law offers a day-in-the-life guide with advice from expert intellectual property practitioners. The book helps students and those who are changing careers and provides detailed information on different practice areas: patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and new media. Best of all, the electronic version is free for Section members.

ABA YLD IP Q&A Advice Column

What is the best way for a Young IP Lawyer to meet prospective employers or prospective clients?

Project Links

YLAG operates a very successful program that involves and benefits our own members and the substantive ABA-IPL Section committees. Young Lawyers have opportunities to work on committee projects in areas of their interest and expertise.

YLAG is the conduit linking young lawyers with committee projects and work. Just some of our young lawyer projects include:

  • Research
  • Resolution drafting
  • Program panelist and moderating slots
  • Committee and membership recruiting initiatives
  • Webinars
  • Articles for Landslide® magazine
  • Books peer review, chapter assistance

Please contact Sharra Brockman for any information and questions.

Publishing Opportunity in Landslide Magazine

Landslide magazine is offering a publishing opportunity for a YLAG member to write an article on any topic related to the theme BOUNDARIES as part of the Meeting of the Minds program. The young lawyer would be teamed up with a senior member of the ABA-IPL Section who will oversee the article. Please email a brief description of your proposed topic to Krystle Brown (trademark), Matthew Hintz (copyright) or Michael Stramiello (patent).

New Volunteer Opportunity

The Patent System Policy Planning Committee would like to form a sub-committee to look into potential parallel impacts of trademark cases on patent cases. The opportunity is to participate in the analysis and give input from the patent perspective. A brief summary of the case follows.

In its April 23, 2015 decision in Shammas v. Focarino, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit affirmed a district court decision holding that under 15 U.S.C. 1071(b), an applicant who appeals to a district court a decision by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) not to register a mark must pay all the PTO’s expenses for the appeal, *including attorney fees*. The court awarded the USPTO $32,836.27 in attorney salaries, $3,090.32 in paralegal salaries, and $393.90 in photocopying expenses. The issue of interest is whether attorney fees should be included in expenses.

There are similar provisions for payment of expenses in the Patent Act. (35 U.S.C. 145). The subcommittee will be tasked with looking into that provision, how it has been applied and whether Shammas v. Focarino may have any impact its application. Based on that analysis, the subcommittee will be asked to make recommendations on whether the committee should take position on the issue.

Please reply to this message before *July 30th*. with your interest in leading or joining this sub-committee. Please contact Salvatore Anastasi for more information at



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