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Section of Intellectual Property Law: Law Student Action Group (LSAG)

Section of Intellectual Property Law:
Law Student Action Group (LSAG)

Message From The Chair

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My name is Gidget Benitez and I am the Chair of the Law Student Action Group (LSAG), which is the source of all programs, events, and opportunities available for ABA-IPL law student members.

Through LSAG, you will be connected to people and experiences that can help bolster your resume, strengthen your IP knowledge, and network with fellow IP-interested law students and IP attorneys.

This past year, LSAG members have
(i) worked along side ABA-IPL attorney members on important patent policy work,
(ii) edited a white paper that will be presented to Congress,
(iii) attended IP-related oral arguments before the Supreme Court, and
(iv) drafted a report concerning up coming trademark legislation.

To take advantage of the opportunities like those listed above, please join our group by clicking "Join this Committee" on the right side of this page.

About the Committee

The Law Student Action Group (LSAG) is a dynamic committee of law students, led by young lawyers and law students, which will have first word and immediate broadcast of many Section opportunities -- including involvement in committees, publications, and programming. Those who belong to LSAG will also develop their own programs and work together to address areas of particular concern to law students.


The most up to date information about opportunities for law students will be available through the LSAG listserv, so you must join the group (link in the right column) to receive this information.

Student Leaders Wanted!

The Law Student Action Group (LSAG) of the ABA Intellectual Property Law Section is looking for student leaders to join our ranks. We are currently looking for a Patents Division Liaison, Trademarks and Unfair Competition Division Liaison, Copyrights Division Liaison, Specialized IP Issues Division Liaison, Professional Issues Division Liaison, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Related Issues Division Liaison, and Information Technology Division Liaison. These leaders will have the following responsibilities:

Attend Division leadership meetings; Attend committee meetings under your Division; Help leadership in your Division get students more involved in your Division's committees; Create monthly reports for LSAG members about your Division like this; Give verbal reports during monthly LSAG meetings to inform members about what's going on in your committee.

To apply, please send an email to with :1) the subcommittee chair positio you are applying for, 2) a paragraph detailing relevant past or presentleadership experience (lawschool, undergrad, professional associations), 3) a paragraph or two explaining why you want this subcommittee position and what you would do with the position, and 4) your resume. Application emails are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered on a rolling basis, but please submit your application ASAP for the best chances of selection.


Want to be a Law Student Reporter at our Annual ABA-IPL Section Meeting in Washington, DC?

If you are interested in being a participant in the Law Student Reporters Program at this year's ABA-IPL Spring Conference in Washington, DC, keep a lookout for the application. If you have any questions, please send them to


A look back…at past Law Student Reporters

2017 ABA-IPL Spring Law Student Reporters

2016 ABA-IPL Spring Law Student Reporters

Row 1 (L to R): Lama Alzuhd (LSR Vice Chair '16-'17), Audrey Orgurchak, Greta Hogan, Ted Davis (Past ABA-IPL Section Chair), Elana Freeman, Tiffany Kwong, Alexandra Badalamenti

Row 2 (L to R): John Sears, Joey Droter, Erinn Cawthon, Alvin Carter III, Gidget Benitez (LSR TM Day Chair 2016), William Lee, Paul St.Marie, Michael Rutigliano

2015 ABA-IPL Spring Law Student Reporters

Back row from L-R: Nicholas Lauren, Alexandra El-Bayeh, Michael Lambert, Wayne Cox (LSR Sub-committee Vice Chair'15), Westin Mills, Patrick Holvey, and Adam Thompson (LSAG Co-Vice Chair '14-'16).

Front row from L-R: Heather Schubert (LSAG Vice Chair '16-'17), Franklin Graves (LSAG Chair '14-'16), Ashley Mapp, Naomi Abraham, Shannon Proctor, Christine Bannan, Abby Leach (LSR Sub-committee Chair '16-'17), Xiaomin Li, Franklin Chou, and AJ Oakes (LSAG Chair '16-'17).

2014 ABA-IPL Spring Law Student Reporters

From L to R: Franklin Graves (LSAG Chair '14-'16), Michal-Ane McIntosh, Rachael Dickson, Dewight Flinch (LSR Sub-committee Vice Chair'14-'15), Sean Cooper, AJ Oakes (LSAG Chair '16-'17), Janinda Gunawardene, Phillip Turner, Jaewoo Choo, Dana Broughton, Stacy Yae

2013 ABA Annual Meeting Law Student Reporters

From L to R: Catherine Rucker, Lauren Stewart, Caitlin Heaton, Amanda Levondowski, Brian Focarino (Current ABA-IPL Young Lawyer Fellow), Andrew Orcutt, Anu Sharma, Brianna Ford

2013 IPL Spring Law Student Reporters

From L to R: Veronica Torres, Jason Rindenau, Heather Schubert (LSAG Vice Chair '16-'17), Mannu Harnal, Lisa Anne Papale, Virginia Knapp Dorrell, Dolly Krisnaswamy, Griffin Barnett (LSR Program Chair '12-'13), Fred Rosenberger, Zak Kinnard, Kiley White (LSAG Co-Vice Chair '14-'16), Joseph Engel, Kathleen Hudik

2012 Annual Meeting Law Student Reporters

From L to R: Christine Greve, Danielle Gorman, Adam Thompson (LSAG Co-Vice Chair '14-'16), Kiley White (LSAG Co-Vice Chair '14-'16), and Emily Katalinich.

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Alzuhd, Lama
Alzuhd, Lama

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