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This group analyzes the transactional and ownership issues which confront commercial real estate attorneys when dealing with land transfers, construction, brokerage services, servitudes, title insurance, property and liability insurance, and ownership of commercial real estate. Each committee within the group focuses on one of these topics.

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Title Commitment eCLE
November 20, 2013
This program will review and discuss the negotiation process with the title insurance company and title insurance agent. It will include a discussion of commitments and their terms, the exceptions that commonly appear in commitments, requirements and the means for satisfying those requirements, survey review, and pro forma policy negotiation.
Topics of discussion will include:
•        A general review of ALTA Forms, including Commitments, and similar forms available in the United States;
•        The provisions of the commitments, including conditions for an effective commitment, expiration of commitments, and authority of title insurance agents;
•        Commonly used standard exceptions and means from removal of those exceptions, surveys and the ALTA/ACSM Survey Standards, authority documents, standard affidavits used in closings, and procedure to amend commitments;
•        How lawyers need to deal with requirements and exceptions, what changes they should make, the means to secure removal or amendment of exceptions and requirements, and curative tips;
•        The use of Pro Forma Policies in commercial transactions;
•        Commonly requested endorsements and considerations in evaluating the need for endorsements; and
•        Areas of coverage that generate claims.
Section Events
April 15, 2014
Location: N/A
Format: Webinar/Teleconference

April 16, 2014
Location: N/A
Format: Webinar/Teleconference

April 17, 2014
Location: N/A
Format: Webinar/Teleconference

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