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Governmental Incentives Committee


This committee's focus is to keep abreast of developments in governmental incentives being offered at the federal, state and local levels in the real estate context, as well as incentives that can be provided through real estate developments involving joint efforts with public entities and private developers. This committee also focuses on the process by which a governmental entity initiates or stimulates private development of public property, “privatization,” and public assistance in real estate financing.

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    Contributing Business Interests to Charity


    This panel will discuss various techniques for giving business interests to charity, including selecting the right kind of charitable donee and matching the appropriate technique to the nature of the business interest being

    Putting the FUN in the Fundamental Concepts of Commercial Leases


    A lawyer drafting a commercial lease must address more than just the rent and the term. After all, the landlord expects the tenant to take care of the property, the tenant may expect the landlord to provide services to support its occupancy, and both parties are concerned about who is responsible for ...

    Top Ten Issues Common to Large Scale Multi-Year Projects and Mixed Use Projects


    Even the most experienced lawyer needs to actively manage the timing and priority of, in addition to advising his or her client on, a multitude of issues when handling a large scale urban and mixed-ownership development projects. Issues facing a lawyer charged with organizing and managing the many components ...

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