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Hospitality,Timesharing & Common Interests Development Group

Hospitality,Timesharing & Common Interests Development Group


The Hospitality Group focuses on the varied and numerous issues involving the development, structuring, management and operation of resorts, hotels, and common interest communities such as condominiums, timeshares, and planned communities. There are three committees within the Group, each of which specifically addresses its designated subject matter (although the reis often a significant amount of overlap between the committees). Each committee pursues the unique issues presented in the irrespective areas of practice, including such issues as the acquisition, financing, development, operation, management and disposition of these special types of development. The three committees are:

In addition to the materials available here, our Group also hosts a number of hot topics calls and sponsors eCLE programs throughout the year. We look forward to your involvement with our Group.

Group Events

Section Events

    Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Deals


    The 2018 2019 Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Deals is a comprehensive multi-series set of programs on commercial real estate. The four sets of series focus on issues such as: purchase and sale agreements, due diligence, commercial leasing and financing. Program speakers are leading industry ...

    Key Components of Purchase and Sale Agreement


    *This program is part of a series.* This program will go from the initial stages of a real estate transaction through the execution of a definitive Purchase Agreement. Key points to be discussed include: Letter of intent Identification of parties, property and terms of sale Closing conditions, ...

    Advanced Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Topics


    This program will discuss various advanced topics for the GST tax and planning. The program will cover topics including allocating GST exemption, the GST aspects of gift tax returns and estate tax returns, reverse QTIP elections and late GST

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