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Our Group focuses on the varied and numerous issues involving the development, structuring, management and operation of certain real property developments, most specifically common interest ownership projects (ranging from condominiums, subdivisions and master planned communities and mixed-use projects to the specialized areas of timesharing and fractional interests), and hotels, resorts and tourism. There are three committees within the group, each of which specifically addresses its designated subject matter (although there is often a significant amount of overlap between the committees). Each committee pursues the unique issues presented in their respective areas of practice, including such issues as the acquisition, financing, development, operation, management and disposition of these special types of development. The three committees are:

The Group is very active in the RPTE Section's activities, having consistently presented CLE programs at the Section's meetings, and we are always looking for new members and participants. We look forward to your involvement with our Group.

Hot Topics: How To Pay for Common Amenities

Committee Events

Hot Topics Call: How to Pay for Common Amenities

September 17, 2014
Join us in a Round Table discussion of how to pay for the golf course, ski hill, waterpark, evening entertainment and other common amenities in a hotel, resort, or mixed use development. 1-2 CDT/2-3 EDT Call in number 866/646-6488 Passcode: 947/910-9944
Group Events

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