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Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group

Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group


This group concentrates on the three federal transfer taxes (estate, gift, and generation-skipping), on the income taxation of trusts, estates, grantors, and beneficiaries, and on tax litigation and controversy. Because these areas of focus comprise the federal tax universe in which most estate planning instruments operate, this group seeks to assist trust and estate attorneys in their constant endeavor to improve their knowledge of these taxes, to stay abreast of ways in which they are changing, to play a role in the development of these tax systems, and to explain how planning can impact later tax disputes. Group members work to improve the transfer tax system by preparing and submitting comments on proposed legislation and proposed regulations, and by suggesting legislative solutions to technical problems.

Please join us at the 30th Annual RPTE Spring Symposia in Orlando on May 9 to 11, 2018.

Committees in the Income & Transfer Tax Planning Group

Group Calls

Please join our periodic toll-free calls to discuss current developments, practical advice regarding how members handle issues that arise in this area, and issues of special interest. Reminders, including discussion topics and dial-in information, are sent to Group members and members of its committees a few days before each call. Please sign up as either a member of the Group or as a member of one of the committees to receive confirmation of the time and call-in instructions.

One of our five Committees "hosts" each call, typically with Committee members covering timely topics of interest to all Group practice areas and all of the Committees. The calls are designed to be interactive so members can participate with questions, comments or insights.

Please join one of our Group Calls where we discuss recent developments and other estate planning strategies, all at noon Central: November 16, January 18, March 8, April 19, May 17, and June 21.

Meetings and Events

Section Events

    Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Deals


    The 2018 2019 Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Deals is a comprehensive multi-series set of programs on commercial real estate. The four sets of series focus on issues such as: purchase and sale agreements, due diligence, commercial leasing and financing. Program speakers are leading industry ...

    Key Components of Purchase and Sale Agreement


    *This program is part of a series.* This program will go from the initial stages of a real estate transaction through the execution of a definitive Purchase Agreement. Key points to be discussed include: Letter of intent Identification of parties, property and terms of sale Closing conditions, ...

    Advanced Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Topics


    This program will discuss various advanced topics for the GST tax and planning. The program will cover topics including allocating GST exemption, the GST aspects of gift tax returns and estate tax returns, reverse QTIP elections and late GST

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