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Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group: Green and Sustainable Transactions Committee

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group:
Green and Sustainable Transactions Committee

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Green and sustainable real estate development, while once a trend or fringe concept, is now rapidly redefining real estate development practices in many areas of the United States. Green development includes: (1) Leasing (building or retrofitting LEED-certified buildings) (2) Local Entitlements & Incentives (towards more infill development)(3) Project development (integrating multimodal facilities (bike, pedestrian, or public transit) into planned developments) (4) Environmental compliance (redeveloping brownfields; mitigating environmental impacts) (5) Sharing Uses with Renewable Energy (rooftop or parking lot solar, agricultural windfarms). Green issues have the potential to impact just about every aspect of a project, including site selection and due diligence, financing, tax and other financial incentives, entitlements, design, construction, tenant build-out, leasing, maintenance and operations, statutory and other compliance, third-party sustainability certification, insurance, renewable energy and carbon credits, etc. These changing standards make it increasingly critical that attorneys who advise clients on their real estate transactions are well-informed on how green elements can impact project development, best practices but also the potential problems and pitfalls.

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Committee Events

Renewable Energy Financing Call-In Program

March 18, 2015
As an increasing number of property owners are approached by renewable energy developers, counsel for these owners should be aware of key standards in renewable energy transactions. What can be negotiated? And, what does not need to be negotiated away? Understanding renewable energy financing is one fundamental to such effective representation. This program will focus on key incentives and constraints in renewable energy financing.

Land Banking Practices in the US & Europe (Proposed CLE)

May 1, 2015
The panelists will explore the increasing use of land banking to finance and develop private and public projects. Our panelists will include private and public sector attorneys and consultants:

* What is land banking and how does it work in the US and Europe? Roles of government, private investors, attorneys, financial and environmental consultants

* Project types and examples: e.g., shopping centers, affordable housing, agriculture, public facilities and green spaces

* What might work for your project? Successful and not-so-successful approaches to date

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