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The Standing Committee on Professionalism was created in August 1992 as the successor entity to the Special Coordinating Committee on Professionalism and the ABA Commission on Professionalism.

Originally charged to circulate and implement the recommendations contained in the 1986 Commission Report, "In the Spirit of Public Service: A Blueprint for the Rekindling of Professionalism," the Committee's mandate was expanded in 1989 and further expanded in 2004, so that it is now charged to encourage, recommend and provide assistance to ABA entities in the development and coordination of professionalism initiatives; encourage and provide assistance to state and local bar associations, the judiciary, the law schools, and the legal community in their efforts to improve lawyer professionalism and competence; educate members of the legal profession, the judiciary, the law school community and the public about professionalism, competence and advertising issues; and evaluate and report on trends and developments impacting lawyer professionalism, competence and advertising and recommend initiatives and policies to address them.


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