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Section of Science & Technology Law: Biotechnology Law Commitee

Section of Science & Technology Law:
Biotechnology Law Commitee

About the Biotechnology Law Committee

This committee keeps abreast of various topics relating to biotechnology including research, commercial, regulatory and patent issues. The committee also covers biotechnology issues relating to clinical medicine, such as gene therapy, forensic medicine, such as DNA fingerprinting, and other areas of biotechnology raising ethical and/or evidentiary issues. The committee follows pending legislation designed not only to control the availability of products of biotechnology, but also to protect the proprietary rights of biotechnology developments in the U.S.

Volunteer leaders (authors, editors, etc.) sought

New committee leaders are sought. Please email for more information. The newsletter's (Biotech Briefing) upcoming issue will have an international focus. International-themed articles on an array of subjects are sought. See more details:

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