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Section of Science & Technology Law: Biotechnology Law Commitee

Section of Science & Technology Law:
Biotechnology Law Commitee

About the Biotechnology Law Committee

This committee keeps abreast of various topics relating to biotechnology including research, commercial, regulatory and patent issues. The committee also covers biotechnology issues relating to clinical medicine, such as gene therapy, forensic medicine, such as DNA fingerprinting, and other areas of biotechnology raising ethical and/or evidentiary issues. The committee follows pending legislation designed not only to control the availability of products of biotechnology, but also to protect the proprietary rights of biotechnology developments in the U.S.

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Patenting Organs-on-chips (January 13, 2016)

Organs-on-chips have important implications for drug development, disease research, and personalized medicine. However, inventors may face challenges as they attempt to patent these devices. Because they use human cells to mimic human physiology, organs-on-chips could be considered patent ineligible products of nature under 35 U.S.C. 101. In addition, their most intriguing feature could present the largest obstacle to patentability. Organs-on-chips can be linked together to create more elaborate human bodies-on-chips, which could be considered human organisms. Section 33(a) of the America Invents Act prohibits patent claims that are directed to or encompass a human organism. The terms "directed to," "encompass," and "human organism" are not defined by the statute or the US Patent Office. As a result, courts could interpret them broadly to prohibit patents on organs or bodies-on-chips.

Ways to Get Involved

At this time, we need:

1. Volunteers to present for 20 minutes on a hot topic in Biotech Law at an upcoming Lightening-Round;

2. A volunteer to write the winter 2018 article for the Biotechnology Law Column of the SciTech Lawyer Magazine (Due: October 13, 2017 Topic: Art Theft);

3. Volunteers to improve the Biotechnology Law Committee Website; and

4. Ideas from our group to submit for the Showcase Programs at the 2018 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Contact;; or if you are interested.

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