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Section of Science & Technology Law: Privacy and Computer Crime

Section of Science & Technology Law:
Privacy and Computer Crime

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This committee focuses on privacy, cybercrime and cyber security issues. Its work is international in scope. The committee takes a multidisciplinary approach to a broad range of issues and participants in project work including attorneys, technical experts, academia, government personnel, non-profit organizations, and representatives from industry and standards bodies around the globe. The committee encourages public-private cooperation in its work and has personnel from many participating organizations working on its projects. The Committee worked with participants from over 15 countries to produce the ITU Toolkit for Cybercrime Legislation which is intended to serve as sample legislation for countries around to globe and promote a harmonized global framework for cybercrime. The committee also has authored four books: the International Guide to Combating Cybercrime (2003), the International Guide to Cyber Security (2004), the International Guide to Privacy (2004), and the Roadmap to an Enterprise Security Program (2005). These publications are available at no charge to persons in developing countries. The International Guide to Combating Cybercrime is being updated and will be released in early 2011. Updates on the Privacy and Cyber Security books are scheduled for 2011. The committee has held numerous continuing legal education and outreach programs regarding the nexus between privacy, security, and cybercrime and the development of enterprise security programs that integrate technical, legal, managerial, and organizational considerations surrounding these three issues. The Committee interacts with leading associations, academia, government entities, and non-profit organizations to promote sound principles and best practices toward privacy, security, and cybercrime.

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