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Section of Science & Technology Law:
Cloud Computing Committee

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Both the private and public sectors are racing to move data to the cloud in order to take advantage of many of the opportunities it affords. But this transformation to cloud computing poses many significant legal and practical challenges, including information governance controls, cybersecurity, and e-discovery obligations. This committee’s communications and programs examine the various cloud computing service and deployment models and their differences. They also explore the legal implications of moving data to the cloud and how to analyze them and mitigate risk. Additionally, security issues and how they can be addressed are examined.

2/2015 Hot Topics:

Exit Rights and Data Portability in Cloud Services Agreements

Cloud Service Provider’s often reserve broad rights to suspend or terminate cloud services on little to no notice to the Customer. In light of these robust rights to terminate or suspend service, and the potential instability of start-up Cloud Service Providers, Customers should negotiate for clear rights to obtain their data in a format that will be usable on the Customer’s systems or with another Cloud Service Provider upon termination. Regardless of whether or not those negotiations are successful, cloud Customers need to have (a) any data stored in the cloud regularly backed up, and (b) a plan for taking the services back in house, or to another Cloud Service Provider on short notice, to mitigate the risks presented by cloud computing solutions.


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