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Section of Science & Technology Law: Healthcare Technology Committee

Section of Science & Technology Law:
Healthcare Technology Committee

Healthcare Technology Law Hot Topics

1. What is Appropriate Federal Oversight of “De-Identified” Protected Health Information Collected By Healthcare Providers, Health Plans, Healthcare Clearinghouses and their Business Associates?

A. Privacy Advocates say that encryption keys for de-identified Protected Health Information under HIPAA are often not properly secured, allowing improper unauthorized access and sales, resulting in a multi-billion dollar grey market forProtected Health Information.

B. Data Brokers who buy and use de-identified’health information and sell “re-identified” health care information argue they are not precluded by law from using de-identified health information after re-identification using encryption keys.

2. What Rights Do Individuals, Health and Wellness App Owners, Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Administrators Have in Patients' Health Information?? Information ownership rights In individual health data transmitted through networked applications depend on the facts and circumstances. including the contractual obligations of the parties who have access to the data in a highly regulated environment. Read more.

About the Committee

The Healthcare Technology Committee (“HTC”)’s mission is to: 1) raise awareness concerning the legal, science, technology and policy issues relating to the continually evolving healthcare technology in light of the current legislative focus on large-scale reform of the delivery and payment models for healthcare products and services; 2) draw upon the extensive and diverse knowledge and expertise of public and private sector members from a wide range of practice areas that touch upon healthcare technology and coordinate with other committees within the Section on Science and Technology Law and in other ABA Sections to take advantage of synergies and common interests relevant to this industry; 3) provide a forum for the exchange and sharing of best practices, knowledge and expertise pertinent to this industry; and 4) promote better understanding, thought leadership and proposed policy-making on a wide spectrum of complex and emerging issues arising in healthcare technology, including the role of information technology in healthcare reform and achievement of personalized medicine; the use, mining and transformation of data, cloud computing, remote hosted services and health information exchanges and the related data privacy and security issues; interoperability and standards; and government initiatives impacting this industry.

March 30-31, 2016
Internet of Things National Institute | Washington, D.C.


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    Section Events

    Section Events

      Whistleblowers, Leaks, and the Media: The Legal Rules


      The event will be held on 04/25/2017. The format is Web. The event sponsor(s) are Center for Professional Development,Criminal Justice Section,Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division,Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division,Division for Public Services,Law and National Security,Section of Science & Technology Law. The event has 1.50 CLE Credits .

      Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law Practice


      The event will be held on 05/04/2017. The format is Web. The event sponsor(s) are Center for Professional Development,Center For Professional Responsibility,Law Practice Division,Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division,Section of International Law,Division for Public Services,Delivery of Legal Services,Section of Science & Technology Law. The event has 1.50 CLE Credits .

      Second Internet of Things (IoT) National Institute

      Jones Day

      Value Pass subscribers save 25% on Institute registration! Use code VPINST at time of purchase. A game-changer has emerged for businesses, policymakers, and lawyers, and it's called the Internet of Things (IoT). It's one of the most transformative and fast-paced technology developments in ...


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